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Geothermal Energy For A Business Essay

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Report Five

Research Report

The upper management at Eyre Enterprises is considering incorporating new ideas in technology As an Eyre Enterprises engineer or scientist, you have been asked to write a research report so they will have the information to make these decisions. Choose your topic from one of the technical fields listed below. You may also want to define ; this will help you narrow the scope of your topic. Artificial intelligence Fiber optics Forestry management Geothermal energy Human-powered vehicles Lignite-coal mining Organic farming Satellite surveying Solar power Wind power Aquaponics For this report, not all sources will come from books, magazines or websites; some may ...view middle of the document...

1 in Chapter 9. If appropriate, create a chart to illustrate these points. Give special attention to bolding, capitalization, side headings, paragraph indentions, margins, page numbers, and placement of titles of tables and figures, etc. Be consistent. The report must be a minimum of 10 pages and no more than 12. This includes everything. It must be single spaced or use space and a half (no double-spaced reports). Remember that the cover letter must be single spaced but double spaced between separate paragraphs or parts. The report must utilize a minimum of two sou rces (this does not include any visuals). o Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. o Utilize the databases through the library. The report must appropriately use at least two visuals/graphics. D O NO T PL A GI A RI Z E. o Because documentation and correctly utilizing sources is covered extensively in ENGL 1010, a pre-requisite for this course, you are expected to demonstrate those skills in order to maintain academic integrity. Please review the reading assignments and email...

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