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     Herbert George Wells was born in 1866, in Bromley Kent. He was born into a poor family. His career as an author was fostered by an unfortunate accident as a child. He broke both of his legs and spent the mandatory rest period reading every book he could find. Wells was awarded a school scholarship and furthered his education at the normal school of science in London (discovering authors). It was at the normal school that Wells came under the wing of the famous biologist Thomas H Huxley. Wells was clearly influenced by his studies at the normal school and his interest in Biology ( After graduating Wells wrote a biology test book ...view middle of the document...

It is rumored that Wells and the French novelist Jules Verne actually criticized each other’s writings. Wells believed that “Verne couldn’t write his was out of a paper sack”, and Verne accused Wells of having “Scientifically implausible ideas” ( The science may not be accurate, but the adventure and philosophy in his book makes Wells’s early science fiction fun and fascinating to read.
Wells is best known as one of the progenitors of modern science fiction. His pioneering works in this genre foretold such development as chemical warfare, atomic weapons, and world wars ( The time machine, The Island of Dr.Moreau, The invisible man, and The war of the worlds, are classics that have profoundly influenced the course of the twentieth-century science fiction. Although Wells’s science fiction is informed by a vision in speculative nonfiction works such as, The world set free (1914), The outline of history (1919-20), The shape of things to come (1933), and Guide to the new world (1941), he developed an optimistic ideal of a utopian millennium (discovering authors). As a polemicist, Wells’s advocacy of free love and socialism, as wells as his attacks on what he considered the stifling moral constraints of Victorian Society, contributed to the liberalization of modern Western cultures (discovering authors). Although Wells’s character novels are considered lacking in psychological subtlety and do not possess the skilled construction of his science fiction novels, they are commended for the humor and sympathy that they display. Two of his novels were Kipps: The story of a simple soul (1905) and The theory of Mr.Polly (1910) were considered among the finest English comic novels of all time (
     Wells is regarded as on of the most prominent champions of the early twentieth-century spirit of the British liberal optimism (gale research). His works are ranked with those of Bernard Shaw as exemplary of his era’s exuberant sense of release from Victorian conventions, morals, and of...

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