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George Washington In The Constitution Essay

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George Washington and The Constitution "George Washington stands alone as the man most responsible for the founding of freedom in the United States" (Whitney 204). Washington was the president of the constitutional convention. He was also served as the first president of the United States of America; he served for two terms. Through out his childhood, Washington's inspiration came from his older half-brother Lawrence. George Washington also held many important positions in the militia. He was Commander in Chief of the Continental Arm during the Revolutionary War and the Commander in Chief of the United States Army. George Washington was born in Virginia in Pope's Creek Farm in ...view middle of the document...

(Lyon 149) "[His] success was immeasurably influenced by his presence and dignity" (Bradford 130). At first Washington hesitated to attend the Constitutional convention. He did not realize that if attended, he would definitely become the presiding officer. Washington took the place of Nathaniel Gorham. During the Constitution, Washington still did not take direct part in the campaign for ratification of the Constitution. However, he was allowed to sign the Constitution because of his prominence. Gouverneur Morris, the man who wrote the final draft of the Constitution, wrote Washington a letter saying "that if you had not attended the convention, and the same paper had been handed out to the world, it would have met with a colder reception, with fewer and weaker advocates, and with more and more strenuous opponents" (Whitney 219). Without the signature of George Washington, the Constitution would not have the same affect as it does. Washington thought that the Constitution was "the result of a spirit of amity, and of that mutual deference and concession which the peculiarity of our political situation rendered indispensable" (Whitney 37). He thought that the federal government of the States had to secure all rights of independent sovereignty, while provide for the safety of all citizens. Also, new individuals coming to the States must give up some...

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