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A man who stood 6 feet, 2 inches tall with teeth composed of wood and hippopotamus ivory does not even begin to describe George Washington. He was born February 22, 1732 but forever lives in American history. He was a large component of the French and Indian War and achieved many accomplishments as a military leader and soldier. One of the most unique qualities of George Washington was the fact that he was very insightful when learning from his prior defeats in battle, and he had a strong will to never give up. He learned from his experiences in each battle to learn more about himself, and more about his desire to change the 13 colonies association with Britain. Although George Washington ...view middle of the document...

His half brother lived in Mount Vernon. (, 1).

In 1745, when George was 13 years old, he took a very important art class that taught him how to sketch maps. Through this art class, he realized a talent that proves to be very valuable later in life. He finds out that he is talented in looking at a country, and sketching it 2 dimensionally. Through this talent, 3 years later, George was given an internship from Lord Fairfax. He was associated with Lord Fairfax due to the fact that it was Lawrence’s half brother in law (Johnson, 15). This ended up being his first time that he needed to speak with the Natives. This showed to be another one of George Washington’s strengths. George was always accepting towards the Indians and, “ treated Indians as a fact of American life-of which scalping their enemies was merely one feature-rather than an occasion for passing moral judgments, for or against” (Johnson, 17). This shows that he never has had any negative opinions on Indians and doesn’t treat them disrespectfully. This fact can be very helpful when he later becomes involved in the military. However, through this exposure, George begins to develop some opinions on what the Indians should and shouldn’t be allowed to do. He discovers that he believes that the Indians should not be able to settle in the land that is westward. He forms the opinion that this land is reserved for the people who live in the 13 colonies. However, he does conclude that he fully agrees with the Indians sharing the modern society and standards for living that the Americans of that time posses (Johnson, 17). Through this first visit, he also discovered that, “provided one ignored any notional rights of the Indians, land was to be had in abundance” (Johnson, 20). He realized although, that with this, all threats that anyone outside of the country may have and any restrictions that may be put on the English settlers may hold this theory back (Johnson, 20). He was however, determined to fulfill this theory of land being in abundance.
In 1752, when Washington was 20 years old and his brother, Lawrence, who he was living with, passed away. Lawrence passed from tuberculosis and left all of his land to George. This land included Mount Vernon Estate, the place where he was living at the time. At this point in his life, he owned around 10 thousand acres of land and was doing well in the local militia (Johnson, 29). On November 6th, 1752 he became the major of the Southern district (Johnson, 28). Although this seems young for modern times, it was quite normal in the 1750’s and was very honorable. In the proceeding months, he was asked to do something that began his leadership and showed everyone just how resourceful he could be. George was told by Robert Dinwiddie, governor of Virginia at the time, to embark on a mission to where the French were making forts with the Indians. This area was south of the Great Lakes and west of the Blue Ridge...

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