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George Tenent And The Last Days Of Cia

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George Tenet and the Last Great Days of the CIA

Lasheona Starr Dingle
November 10, 2012
PAD 500: Modern Public Administration
Professor Timothy Smith

On July 11, 1997 at the age of 44, George Tenet was sworn into the CIA as the Director of Central Intelligence, better known as the DCI. (Stillman, 2010). Although he had no previous military experience, managed any large organizations, or shaped American foreign policy. (Stillman, 2010). Tenet was Director of Central Intelligence during William (Bill) J. Clinton’s and the majority of George W. Bush’s administration.
Tenet wanted to build the reputation of the CIA, which had ...view middle of the document...

Instead of stating the facts that were given to him by his intelligence officers, when Colin Powell addressed the nation, Tenet replied, "The intelligence community subscribed to all the things that Powell said about ties between Iraq, and Al Qaeda.”   (PBS Documentary, 2006). Later, it was brought to the nations attention that there were in fact No Weapons of Mass Destruction.
George Tenet addresses the prioritization of ethical concerns in different ways that led to implementation of CIA policies. During his mediation talks with Yasser Arafat and Benjamin Netanyahu, Tenet established that both leaders had ethical concerns of one another, as they did not trust one another (Tenet 2007). This of course brought about concerns but Tenet, while showing impeccable leadership, addressed those concerns by stating there was no better way than by the way he had chose. (Stillman, 2010). Another way Tenet showed prioritizations of ethical concerns was during the Clinton administration. Tenet informed officials of Ossama Bin Laden. Tenet also informed officials that the country was at war and he did not want the country to be at war unprepared. Also, on May 11, 1988 it was discovered that India had began testing a chemical weapons program. In one of his rare truthful moments, Tenet informed Senator Richard Shelby that he was not aware of the Indian governments plan and this prevented the administration from a quick reaction. “In 1989, The U.S. Intelligence armed with unfounded intelligence information had warplanes bomb the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, and Tenet took full responsibility for the wrong intelligence report.” (Stillman, 2010).
There were strategies used in competing ethical obligations in relation to the many intergovernmental organizations that overlapped Tenet’s office. Many of these strategies guaranteed that all movements were legal, ethical and within guidelines. Ethic strategies were used to ensure that focus was put on development and that these developments were a part of ongoing ethics training. Another strategy was communication. This communication entails communicating behavioral expectations, training on compliance issues and training expectations, and resolution of already existing situations. The use of this method could enhance compliance while adding to the organizations value and effectiveness (Richard D. White, 2010). The use of the Code of Conduct also ties into the ethical policy. Ethical behavior is expected amongst any individual within a company, especially an individual with authority. The last strategy is that of leadership. A person who is a leader will want to be an example...

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