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George Patton, General In Spurs         Each Piece Of History Which

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George Patton, General in Spurs Each piece of history which has passed by has had its leaders and its heroes, and each has given a personality to the times which they were a part of. One such leader was General George S. Patton. The controversy over his decisions and strategies are everlasting, but Alden Hatch's book, George Patton, General in Spurs, clearly is supportive of the General's personality. With objective details, Hatch provides a full portrayal of the General and his affect through World War II while supplying details of his personal life and values. Alden Hatch's work deals primarily with biographies and histories. He has written many biographies on leaders such ...view middle of the document...

Historical battles are included detailing Patton's reactions and the effects of each battle. The author especially concentrates on Patton's views and personality, coming across as supportive and inspired by his loyalty and magnificence. Alden Hatch, in his prologue, says, "The career of General George S. Patton, Jr., was so full of color and flash, yet his character was so genuine, inspired as it was by those twin virtues, courage and integrity, that living with his memory in the intimacy of author and subject was a time of pure delight." Each word in this book aids in the portrayal of General George Patton as a superb man and military leader. The author aims to persuade the reader into a positive viewpoint of the General's ideals and tactics. The author begins with "Georgie's" childhood, concentrating on his family relations and ethics. The family history brings in a point of patriotism and devotion in leadership. Georgie's adolescent years prove his dedicated character as Hatch describes his persistence even after surprisingly being held back one year. His early love for Beatrice Banning Ayer shows his soft side, one which we don't think of usually when remembering General Patton. Through they had plans of marrying, Beatrice and Patton waited eight years to marry, while he studied at West Point. Explanation for his unpopularity through his academy years include both his cockiness and are refuted at the end of the chapter by the author's description of his triumphant graduation from the academy where he was respectfully saluted by his cadets. The author concentrates also on General George S. Patton's intelligence and successes in battles. Unlike most military leaders, he used less strategy and relied more on what he called a "sixth sense". Patton had sense of what needed to be done, where, ands how, and could figure all this out in an instant. This sense and his knowledge of history helped him to make dazzling victories such as Battle of Cambrai, where he led the first victory using tanks. Patton helped to spawn a new military era through the success of the tanks, and with only eleven day's study of the unfamiliar tanks. Hatch tells of a battle where Patton was shot in the leg and dragged into a trench hole where he continued to command. "Between frequent fainting spells, as blood poured from his wound, Patton organized a line of defense, throwing out patrols to guard his precious tanks," Hatch writes. This sense exposes Patton's dedication, making him seem one of the most patriotic of military leaders. One very important character of General George Patton was his belief that armies should be led. He would never follow his men, but would lead them to battle to encourage them and revive their confidence. In one bottle, he slowly walked down a beach through bullets be seen by his men, in a state of crisis. His tactic worked every time and here the troops stopped dividing into foxholes and started fighting. The...

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