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Geopolitics Of The Crimean War Essay

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The Crimean war is one of the most memorable and significant wars fought in 19th century Europe. It was a conflict that affected all of Europe from a geographical standpoint since Russia came to war with Britain, France, and Turkey after the decay of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire called upon the aid of the British and French to help them in repelling the Russians, who wanted to expand their geopolitical interests as well as financial dependence. The result of every war has its winners and casualties, who suffer the consequences of the aftermath. Russia strived to gain territory in its attempt for even greater European conquest, but failed and lost its dominating title and leading ...view middle of the document...

Russia has always been an imperial country, and has strived to maintain the homogenous title over the centuries. Since the “transformation of the tiny principality of Moscow into a Eurasian empire took place over several centuries, by the end of the seventeenth century Russia had become the largest country in the world” ( Boeck 2004, 1). From the time of Peter I (the Great) Russian geopolitics were clearly defined and Russia intended on modernizing, westernizing, and expanding its territories. Peter the Great, was a true monarch, who not only transformed his government but society as well, by demanding that Russian aristocratic elites adopt everything from the Western culture.
With establishing St. Petersburg in the center, it was meant to serve political and economic ends. Throughout the 18th century, another powerful ruler, Catherine the Great, who declared herself empress of Russia, extended the nation’s borders, acquiring lands from nearby Southern Ukraine as well as Crimea. Under her reign, many wars were won, of those which many included with the Ottoman Empire. The great hegemony was successful in all areas of land, military, as well as economic power, and saw the opportunity to achieve full spectrum dominance. With viewing colonization, it has a distinct geography, which targeted critical locations that would benefit the conquering country. One of these locations was Constantinople; a historic and powerful city that would be advantageous for Russia to conquer. Also, a key economic region was desired, and or fortified places, along with frontier regions that would be vulnerable to anti-Ottoman offensives. Russia longed for greater naval power, which would allow them to have an even greater worldwide impact and political position.
One of the main causes of the emergence of the war was over the rights of Christian minorities in the Holy Land, which were greatly controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The Balkan territory was under Ottoman control, where people were being treated poorly; with one of the extreme outcomes of mistreatment was death. As a predominant Christian nation, the French were in favor of promoting Christian rights and beliefs, whereas the Russians favored Eastern Orthodox values and rights. Another cause included the unwillingness of the United Kingdom in permitting Russia in gaining power, as well as Ottoman territory after the decline of the empire. The religious aspect of the conflict resolved itself; however, Napoleon III and Nicholas I of Russia continued to battle and remained on bad terms until a victory was eventually declared from either side.
In terms of geographical location; the war had many battles over the course of the three years around Europe. Fronts were fought in Moldavia, Macedonia, the Caucasus regions, but also “fronts in the Danubian Principalities, the Black Sea, Baltic Sea, The White sea, and the Pacific, and ultimately ended with Ottoman defeat in Karsin in November 1856” ( Kozelsky 2012, 1)....

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