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Geography Revision Essay

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Geography unit 4
Consuming the Rural Landscape – Leisure and Tourism

Leisure: Freedom from time-consuming duties, responsibilities, or activities.
Tourism: Temporary movement of people to destinations outside places where they normally live and work.

Local Recreation: Surfing, hiking, exploring but it all involves your own local area
Non-local Recreation: Going somewhere else to find activities e.g. surfing
Business and recreational travel: Travel for pleasure e.g. city guides, coach drives
Business and Personal travel: conferences, courses, training, interviews
Leisure & non-working time: shopping, visiting museums, toured guides

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g. Australia
cost of flights reduce therefore ↑ disposable income

1990-C21st : Market developing for unusual
Locations and remote e.g. Antarctica.
Development of eco-tourism → interest in

The future? Rising fossil fuels, terrorism threats, financial instability.

Queenstown New Zealand:
Supporting and making the periphery go further as it’s attracting many adventurous tourists.
Activities and attractions: Golf, hiking, skiing, kayaking, lake and river adventure, bungyjumping…

Why has this sector of industry expanded so quickly?
* Books and magazines persuading and attracting visitors →1952 Alfred Wainwright started publishing them
* Increased car ownership
* Government subsidies to rural areas: paying farmers to maintain land and buildings rural & attractive
* Hippies, artist and artisans: producing craft, organic food or herbal remedies to sell to tourists
* Extreme sports attracting many enthusiastic and adrenaline lovers’ tourists.
Why have rural and urban areas changed?
1. Counter urbanisation the movement of people and businesses away from towns and cities to rural areas
2. Suburbanisation: the movement of people from cities to the suburbs of towns & cities leading to the growth of suburbs and expansion of urban area
3. Re-urbanisation: the movement of people and businesses back to the CBD and inner city due to the regeneration and redevelopment
4. Intra-urban migration: any population movements made within urban areas, e.g. as families develop and their housing needs change this is reflected in the intra-urban migration
Cloke’s index of rurality:
Cloke’s index categorises all areas of England and Wales into 4 criteria:
1. Extreme rural
2. Intermediate rural
3. Intermediate non-rural
4. Extreme non-rural, as well as urban areas
What is the Wilderness?
Wilderness are remote parts of the world whose unspoilt characteristics have ecological, scientific and/or cultural and aesthetic value. Their scale can vary. They can be large areas of land or small tiny areas within suburbs of cities. They are unmodified areas with significant human impact.

The wilderness continuum:
Urban industrial environment | Rural enviro. Intensive farming: cattle farming...

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