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Geography: Headlines Essay

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Topic 1:
Afghanistan images

“At the end of the road” Mortenson, 2009

* “The Pashtun elders say that when Allah was finished creating the world, he cobbled together all the leftover bits and pieces, and it was from this pile of rubble that he fashioned Afghanistan.” p. 37
* Meeting point of Ptolemy’s Two Scythias and high point of the Silk Road. p. 37
* Linchpin of greatest trade route becomes farthest border of imperial powers. P. 39
* Ultima Thule: a place so remote that it delineates the outer limits of geography and the edge of civilization . P. 39

Portraying the Geography behind the headlines
* Maps show us where
* Maps provide information
* ...view middle of the document...

S., other countries pledge anti-terrorist support

The map of terrorist attacks in 2010; the count continues

Global implications for North America, Canada, and Ottawa: Geopolitical Basics

Putting a face on terrorism
* Personalizing terror
* Personification
* Vilification
* Demonization
* Instilling identity
* Profiling

Terrorism: Geographical Questions and Research Agendas
* The first intersection of geography and terrorism studies lies in locating terrorist groups and attacks in a geohistorical context.
* The second intersection of geography and terrorism studies lies in linking changes in terrorist motivations in a changing scale of analysis.
* The third intersection of geography and terrorism studies lies in locating scholars of terrorism within the context of the American hegemonic experience.
* The fourth intersection of geography and terrorism studies is the definition of the spatial organization of terrorist networks.
* The fifth intersection of geography and terrorism studies is found in the analysis of the layering of political spaces, or the intersection of political networks and nation-states.

Is public policy informed?
How geographically informed is homeland security policy?
* Yellow, orange and red say little about the content and area of risk.
* Where and for whom do levels of risk apply?
* Should threat levels be determined nationally and applied at that scale, or modified for local variability?
* Geography helps to understand local variability in the threat, its potential detection and ways to reduce it.
* Homeland security requires collaboration of local, state and federal communities on geo-referenced data and its management.

Geographical dimensions of Terrorism Project (GDOT) NSF
* Geospatial data and technologies infrastructure research
* Regional and international research related to the root causes of terrorism
* Vulnerability science and hazards research

Geospatial data and technologies research
* Geospatial infrastructure
* Transformational technologies such as GPS, remote sensing and mobile computing
* Spatial linkages and interdependencies in critical infrastructure
* Link GIScience to regional studies complexity

Foreign area fieldwork
* The domestic imperative
* The “lost” generation of foreign research
* The basic skill: regional analysis and synthesis
* Unearth the root causes of terrorism
* Appreciate diversity and interconnectedness of the modern world
* How spatial networks of flows of information and capital foster or deter terrorism

Geography’s role in disaster research and understanding
* Human impacts of natural disasters
* Relationship between environmental processes and human responses to them
* Improve rescue, relief and recovery with GIS
* Need to study vulnerability and community resilience in crisis

Violence, the threat of...

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