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Geography Essay

917 words - 4 pages

Themes and Traditions of Geography

Jennifer Friedrichsen

Geography 100

Dr. Siri Nimal Wickramaratne

Themes and Traditions of Geography

“Geography is the science that studies the relationships among natural systems, geographic areas, society, culture activities, and the independence of all of these over space.” (Christopherson, 2010, p. 4) Over time there have been two attempts that have influenced the basic understanding of geographic information, which allows us to gain additional and improved knowledge as well as appreciation for environmental changes and the different cultures around the world. These attempts are The Four Traditions of Geography and ...view middle of the document...

This tradition studies the physical surface of the earth such as landforms, climate, vegetation and how it varies from place to place around the world. It also studies the atmosphere that surrounds the earth, as well as the interaction between the earth and the sun.
Five Themes of Geography
The Five Themes of Geography are location, human/environmental interaction, region, place and movement. Location is where people or places are on the Earth, it can also be absolute or it can be relative. Absolute location is the latitude or longitude of a feature, such as a global location. Relative location is a location of a place in relation to another place or nearby landmarks. Human/Environmental Interaction is how humans affect their environment and how the environment affects humans. There are three concepts to human/environmental interaction which are how humans depend on their environment for basic needs as in shelter, food, and water. How humans modify their environment by constructing buildings, houses, schools, and roads. Also, how humans adapt to their environment such as wearing certain clothes for different seasons. Regions are how one area is similar to or different from another area. A formal region has official boundaries for instance a city or state. Functional regions are outlined by a function such as a school district. Then there are vernacular regions that are a person’s perception of where a place is, for example when I think of the South, I think of Texas. Place is a combination of physical and human characteristics that are unique and different from its surroundings. Physical characteristics consist of rivers, mountains, climate, and landforms and human characteristics include the population, culture, religion, and language. Movement is how and why people and places are connected to one another. Everything somehow moves as in transportation, communication,...

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