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Genocide In Rwanda Essay

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Our century has been portrayed by many issues that are not example for the next generation, but this is not the reason why we should cut off the history to the next generation. The reason why I decided to write about this topic is to share with you about what really happen and what is happening in Africa that people in the USA don't know. I signed for this class because I thought that it would be interesting to share the issues that other people are facing in world and particularly in the Congo where I am from. I don't have the full accuracy of everything written in this essay but I ...view middle of the document...

Many genocides happened in the 20 th century, such as 1. Armenia 1915 2. The Holocaust 1933 3. Cambodia 1975 4. Bosnia 1991 5.Rwanda-Congo 1994-2008 I will be focus on the rwanda genocide on discuss deeply the different aspects of the hostilities.

Chapter I. The Rwandan Genocide To understand what happen in 1994 in Rwanda we have to look back before the independence in 1962, and see what the belgian did to those indigenous people. Hutu and Tutsi Identities difference were pretty much just the social class according to certain sources. When the belgian settlers came, they found this difference between those people and used it as a tactic to divide and reign. Tutsis were given the opportunity to be educated and had more power even though they were the minority Almost 15% of the rwandans population. After the independence in 1962, the Hutu won the elections because they were the majority and started to kill Tutsis and taking their goods and lands. Many Tutsis run away from their country and became refugees in the neighbor countries like Congo, Uganda and Burundi. In 1973, Habyarimana Juvenal seized the power after overthrowing his predecessor Gregoire Kayibanda. Meanwhile in the southern of Uganda, the ugandan president Museveni, protected the tutsis refugees and supported the well-organized Tutsi rebellion in his country. The rebellion started to attack the central rwandan government but failed many times to conquer the all country. After the end of the soviet union on 1989, many things started to happen in African countries willing change towards democracy. In Rwanda, the RPF started to look for negotiation through rebellions with the central government. So in 1993, the Arusha accords were signed by both parties, and many rebels from RPF were reinserted into the Rwandan national army and the RPF leaders were inserted in the Rwandan government. April 1994, Habyarimana Juvenal the Rwanda's president and Cyprien Ntaryaminra the burundian one were killed after their plane was shot. The situation of the shot stayed unclear. The Tutsi rebellion claimed that it was the Hutu extremist who shot the plane because they wanted to orchestrating the genocide. At the same time the Hutu power said that it was the RPF rebellion who shot the plane because they wanted to seized the power. This situation lead the Hutus extremist Interahamue to startkilling innocents Tutsis as a vengeance to the death of their hutu president. The killing didn't stop after 100 days, and around 800,000 to 1,000,000 people died durine the genocide according to different sources. Stearns Jason in Dancing to the glory of the monster that: “It was paradoxically the Hutu, who made up around 85 percent of the Rwanda's population, who fled during the violence, even though the genocide mainly targeted the minority Tutsi community. This was because the genocide spelled the end of the government's resistance against the Tutsi-led RPF.” The RPF started marching towards the capital Kigali to...

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