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Genetics And The Future Essay

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Rows upon rows of “perfect” people walk in straight lines. All have the same hair, eye, and skin color. They all resemble each other. The environment around them is lifeless; the lack of trees and living animals is awkwardly noticeable. Overhead a flying automobile soars past and swerves around enormous skyscrapers. All this was accomplished through both science and technology. Is this a farfetched notion of the future? Can science and technology really create a society like this? How will it affect our lives here in the Valley and in the world around us? Science has always been with us. Science is the observation of the problems of the world around us, and the experimentation to ...view middle of the document...

The genetic revolution will help health professionals provide a different type of care for their patients. The genetic revolution offers enormous promises for those sufferings chronic diseases. Research laboratories around the world are busily sequencing, identifying, and switching genes among different species. Genetic engineering techniques promise cures for various diseases such as cystic fibrosis and kidney disease. The gene revolution could put an end to much human suffering and could make the twenty first century better for everyone. Genetics will allow people to know about deadly diseases beforehand and they will be able to use preventive measures. Conditions such as heart disease and cancer, even if they are not strictly genetic conditions, may have genetic components, such as a faulty gene that may predispose a person toward these diseases. By understanding more about diseases and the genes that cause them, health researchers will be able to produce better ways to control and prevent such diseases. The recent finalization of the Human Genome Project has already helped link specific DNA variations with increased links of a number of diseases and conditions such including Huntington’s disease, some forms of caner, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease. The most highly occurring disease here in the Valley is diabetes. Hopefully the gene revolution will help find a cure to this chronic disease. Of course, finding the gene that causes a certain disease is only half of the problem for then we will have to search for a way to cure that disease. As our knowledge of human genetics increases, we will come closer to a day when will be able to treat genetic illness through advanced techniques and be able to replace faulty genes with a gene that works properly. The future of the human race will be changed as we learn more about our genes and the way that they affect us. Genetics will be able to cure diseases but it is necessary to approach such advances cautiously but with optimism, and with our eyes open to endless possibilities and to the perils it might carry.


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