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Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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How are foods modified?Genetically modified foods (GMF) are foods which have had their DNA altered to enhance desired traits or improve nutritional content by means of genetic engineering. About two thirds of food on the supermarket shelf are either genetically modified or contain genetically modified ingredients, creating various moral issues and dilemmas.Modern techniques of producing GMF include taking copies from the cells of a plant or animal and inserting them into the cells of another plant or animal to create a desired characteristic. Scientists commonly simplify it to “one gene controls one character trait, and transferring the gene results in the transfer of the corresponding ...view middle of the document...

The most prevalent, the risk of cross pollination, has already affected many crops worldwide and many other animals have been harmed from these crops.The human health issues which accompany GMF are enormous. Many scientists have concerns about the risks which may develop with continued production. These risks are mainly allergens, toxicity, antibiotic resistance, and the previously unknown effects on human health. The process of GMFs can introduce dangerous new allergens and toxins into food that were previously naturally safe. By producing and marketing GMFs in mass, the risk of infecting consumers is increased and becomes a lot more dangerous. Genetic engineers cannot predict all of the effects of introducing new genes into even the simplest bacteria, but introduction into regularly consumed food and complex plants and animals could cause disastrous unpredicted side effects. Both of the aforementioned health hazards will be more difficult for doctors to diagnose and treat, especially new strains, thus making the health issues very prominent.Should GM foods be sold in Australia?The need for the government to monitor the effects and appropriately approve or reject new GM foods is essential for the future. In Australia, all GM foods must be subjected to a pre-market safety assessment by the “Australia New...

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