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Genetic Catastrophe Essay

1922 words - 8 pages

An Essay on the Genetic Catastrophe (2. ed)
Nils K. Oeijord

(This mini essay is shortened and modified from my book Genetic Catastrophe.)

\"We [the human race]|do not have much time to prove that we are not the product of a lethal mutation\"
Science 263: 181, 1994

\"I almost think it is the ultimate destiny of science to exterminate the human race.\"
Thomas Love Peacock

The genetic catastrophe consists of four major genetic \"epidemics\" - those of cancer, vascular disease, musculoskeletal disease, and behavioral disease. There are identified approximately 250 common genetic diseases, and approximately 7,000 \"rare\" genetic diseases.
The list of genetic damage is ...view middle of the document...

More than 80 percent of us are tortured and finally killed by cancer, vascular diseases, and other non-rare genetic diseases. Most of the rest of the population are tortured, and often finally killed, by so-called rare diseases. Science, in general, does not speak about a genetic catastrophe. On the contrary, by using words like syndrome, disorder, disease, illness, defect, deficiency, failure, etc, instead of genetic damage, science, in general, is defining away and covering up the genetic catastrophe.
In the US, a rare disease is defined as \"one that afflicts no more than 200,000 people.\" However, one out of 10 Americans suffers from just such a rare disease. And more than 6,000 diseases have been classified as rare, according to the US National Organization for Rare Disorders. If (when) these 6,000 diseases reach, on avarage, the 200,000 people level, then each American, on average, will suffer from more than four rare diseases. Most rare diseases are genetic diseases caused by gene damage.
I our globally polluted world our genes suffer damage just through day-to-day living. Our DNA is constantly under attack from mutagenic chemicals and radiation causing a steady build-up of heritable gene damage, in spite of the best efforts of our DNA repair enzymes and other repair mechanisms, such as the SOS repair mechanism, the cell-suicide mechanism, sterility, infertility, natural and unnatural abortion, recurrent miscarriages, death at an early age, and natural and unnatural selecton.
There is no evidence that there is a dose below which there is not a mutagenic effect. A small dose of chemicals/radiation to a large population does more harm to the gene pool than a large dose to a small population. In fact, the effluents causing the gene damage currently meet all environmental standards, and often the gene damage-causing chemicals are present at non-detectible levels. We dont know whats actually happening at the genetic level. Besides, genetic damage is particularly insidious because it can take several generations for the effects to show up. Moreover, the total exposure to mutagenic chemicals and radiation is unknown.
The blood of Inuit people and polar bears contains a large number of mutagenic chemicals in high concentrations. Certainly, the romantic notions of \"wilderness\", \"health\", \"science\", and \"technology\" are outdated.
Although the individual is often powerless to avoid exposure to widely used chemicals, there are examples of mutagens to which people voluntarily expose themselves, for example cigarette smoke.
Unfortunately, mutagenic chemicals occur in widely divergent chemical groups, ranging from simple compounds such as formaldehyde to complex ones such as alkaloids. With every breath of cigarette smoke, the body is confronted by more than 800 mutagenic chemicals which include dioxin-like compounds.
Apropos of dioxins, the gene damage of dioxins is absolutely devilish: The DNA double-helix acts like a zipper, which...

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