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Generate Environmental Sea Changes By Join With Green Radio Community

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Generate Environmental Sea Changes By Join With Green Radio Community

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to generate and improve environmental sea changes by join with
Thesis Statement: By joining Green Radio Community program people can do small positive changes in their lives and can impact the environment in a big way.
1. Ladies and gentlemen, at this moment I want to ask you to turn your radio dial to Green Radio at 89.2FM.
2. Why? Because this radio station transmitting from a tiny space in Utan Kayu in East Jakarta is making a huge impact and bringing about sea changes in the lives of urban folk in Jakarta.
3. In between news and entertainment, Green ...view middle of the document...

3. Also, involved in other initiatives like Green Radio and building community radio stations.
(Transition: After knowing the history of Green Radio Community, let me tell you how Green Radio Community plays an important role in environmental education)
1. Green Radio transmits for a total of 19 hours per day. There’s nine hours of news and the other 10 hours are focused on environmental issues.
a. Sometimes we address national challenges, such as the continued logging of our forests, despite the threat that this poses for global warming and carbon emissions.
b. Such as solution-driven, discuss issues such as town planning, eco-friendly transport, waste recycling and green energy options in Jakarta.
2. Offer listeners practical tips on how to improve the environment.
a. For example, teach people about recycling, composting, digging biopori (holes in the ground designed to reduce flooding while doubling as a site for organic waste) and planting organic vegetables in pots.
b. Persuade listeners to stop using plastic bags when they go shopping

3. One of the biggest green projects directly engage is a reforestation program in the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, through a “tree adoption” program.
a. Listeners have been very enthusiastic
b. And so far more than 6,000 trees have been planted.
c. The program has been so successful, the new goal of extending the reforested area to cover 30 hectares by the end of 2012.
d. For a donation of just Rp 108,000 (just over $10), a tree will be...

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