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Generalist Practice Concept Paper
Why did I choose social work as my profession? I ask myself that question often these days. I love working with families and seeing them succeed, but social work is a hard job, and the decisions we make can change people lives forever. So let’s start the paper by talking about what is a generalist social worker. A generalist social worker is an individual who is skilled to work with individuals, families, and their communities on many different levels. Generalist social worker can work in areas like substance abuse, aging, child welfare, work with families, health care or mental health (Raymond, Teare, & Atherton, 1996). Generalist social workers are able ...view middle of the document...

As a front line worker I have to make some of the toughest decisions and hope and pray that I have made the correct decisions in the best interest of the child and their family. In these past 7 months there have been times that I wanted to give up because the hours are long, my case load can get heavy and sometimes I look at my pay check and ask myself is it really worth it. I always answer myself and say yes my clients are worth it, and they need passionate worker in the field who will make good decisions in the best interest of their child. I think working with families and children is my passion and purpose in life. I love the title of the article that states “If you’re right for the job, it’s the best job in the world.” As a child welfare worker you either sink or swim. You will either love the job or hate it. Overall I enjoy my job and I think that I’m in the best field for me.
Contrast/Comparison of Rural versus Urban Issues
Individuals in rural communities face many challenges that differ from those faced by individuals living in urban areas. A case worker who lives in an urban area like Miami or Los Angeles caseload would be a lot larger compare to another caseworker who lives in Burley Idaho. I believe the main difference between rural and urban social worker, is that rural social workers don’t always have access to resources in their community to service their clients properly. In urban...

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