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General Mills Essay

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1.1 Background of the Study
In this age of industrialization and globalization, the importance of electricity is unquestionable. Considered as one of the basic needs of mankind, it is essential not only in performing household tasks or maintaining livelihood activities, but also in improving people’s well-being. Through electrification, people have greater access to productivity and developments in technology, infrastructure, health, education, communication, and even modern and sustainable livelihoods.
However, despite its importance there are still many households especially here in Mindanao which do not have connection to electricity. Based on the results of ...view middle of the document...

It proposes to generate electricity using biomass through the adoption of the principles of stirling engine. This technology would be practical and sustainable especially in areas that have abundant biomass.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The main problem of this study is to investigate the viability of a biomass energy harvesting system. The specific questions to be answered are the following:
1.2.1 What design and materials are necessary to construct the system?
1.2.2 What is the average RPM of the homemade stirling engine:
a. Without a generator?
b. With generator at no load?
1.2.3 What is the average output voltage generated at no load condition?
1.2.4 How long will the 0.50 kilograms of corn cobs can supply heat to the biomass energy harvesting system?

Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this study is to develop and evaluate the capability of a biomass energy harvesting system to generate electricity. Specifically, it aims to determine:
1.3.1 The average RPM of the homemade stirling engine in these conditions:
a. without generator
b. with generator at no load
1.3.2. The average output voltages generated by the system at no load condition.
1.3.3 The time the 0.50 kilograms of corn cobs can supply heat to the biomass energy harvesting system.

1.4 Research Framework
The diagram below represents the conceptual framework upon which this investigation is based. It illustrates the operation of the basic units of information in this study.


Figure 1.1Development of Biomass Energy Harvesting System

As indicated, the main aim of this study is to evaluate the capability of a biomass energy harvesting system to generate electricity. To determine the system’s functionality, development of suitable design and specifications should be achieved in the first place. Testing and gathering data in terms of RPM, voltage and time are evaluated and analyzed in order to come up with the conclusions.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

This study focuses on the development and evaluation of a researcher-made biomass energy harvester in relation to its capability to generate electricity.
The development of biomass energy harvester prototype was designed based on a tin can stirling engine with a walking beam. The homemade stirling engine was configured using gamma model, which consists of a separate power cylinder and displacement cylinder.
The method used in this study is experimental, where corn cobs were used to fuel the homemade stirling engine for three days to determine the RPM and output voltage. Also, 0.50 kilogram of corn cobs was tested respectively to evaluate the time it can supply heat to the biomass energy harvester.
This study did not include the evaluation of design for the heat source, heat capacity, and fuel used in the study, specifically the combustion-related properties of corn cobs.

Significance of the Study


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