General Meeting Essay

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January 26,2013
6pm Gazebo

Lily Ann Valera - Vice-President
Rio Reyna - Secretary
Tess Velasco - Director

Block 1 Block 2
Allen Hoyohoy L 5 Boyet & Grace Macaranas L 26
Norma Yap L 29 Ana Marie Elles L 24
Helen ...view middle of the document...

So far, there's only one homeowner who just moved in, Mr. Lenbell Aricheta of Block 3 Lot 26.

I. Review of the past events in 2012.

II. Financial Report ending December 2012 (copy attached herewith)

III. Pets Keeping ( especially dogs)
It has been decided and approved that the number of dogs that every household should keep would limit to only one or two. This is to help us maintain the quietness and cleanliness of our surroundings. Those who also have dogs are encouraged to take charge and be responsible in having their pets moved their bowels in the proper places not within the neighbors' premises.

IV. Use of Basketball Court & Clubhouse
The early morning players can now enjoy the use of the court starting at 6:30am up to 11am then at 5-9pm. Furthermore, homeowners are allowed to use the clubhouse in holding their events with appropriate rental fee. Charges are subject for approval of homeowners. (Notice to be given to homeowners.)

Proposed Rental Fee:
P2,000 - for four (4) hours
P 200 - for succeeding hours

However, the use of videoke is allowed up to 9 pm only every Sundays to Thursdays and up to 10pm only during Fridays and Saturdays.

V. Solicit / Contribution of Chairs
To augment the number of chairs we use, the homeowners are asked to solicit/contribute at least one (1) chair or P300 to its equivalent. This is for our own benefit since we can rent the set of tables and chairs when we need them for our visitors. And for just another source of funds, again a gentle remainder, a set of a table and 4 chairs can be rented at P50 and a deposit of P500 to be used as payment for unreturned items or just in case the items borrowed were found damaged.

Moreover, the use of...

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