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General Management Essay

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Tom Brewster, one of the field sales managers of Major Tool Works, Inc., was promoted to his first headquarters assignment as an assistant product manager for a group of products with which he was relatively unfamiliar. Shortly after he undertook this new assignment, one of the company's vice presidents, Nick Smith, called a meeting of product managers and other staff to plan marketing strategies. Brewster's immediate superior, the product manager, was unable to attend, so the director of marketing, Jeff Reynolds, invited Brewster to the meeting to help orient him to his new job. Because of the large number of people attending, Reynolds was rather brief in introducing Brewster to Smith, who, ...view middle of the document...

Glancing at Brewster, Reynolds noted that his expression was one of mixed anger and dismay. After catching Brewster's eye, Reynolds winked at him as a discreet reassurance that he understood and that the damage could be repaired. After an hour, Smith, evidently dissatisfied with what he termed the "inadequate planning" of the marketing department in general, abruptly declared the meeting over. As he did so, he turned to Reynolds and asked him to remain behind for a moment. To Reynolds' surprise, Smith himself immediately raised the question of Brewster. In fact, it turned out to have been his main reason for asking Reynolds to remain behind. "Look," he said, "I want you to tell me frankly, do you think I was too rough with that kid?" Relieved, Reynolds said, "Yes, you were. I was going to speak to you about it." Smith explained that the fact that Brewster was new to his job had not registered adequately when they had been introduced and that it was only some time after his own outburst that he had the nagging thought that what he had done was inappropriate and unfair. "How well do you know him?" he asked. "Do you think I hurt him?"
For a moment, Reynolds took the measure of his superior. Then he replied evenly, "I don't know him very well yet. But, I...

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