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General Business Essay

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Utilitarianism is the issue that he must face in the the case because of it being the cue for it to be the reason that Luke is an employee of ABC. The work in the ethics department shows that utilitarianism is the theory of normative ethics that the best action is done because of the ethics. So the company needs to take in fact the theory of utilitarianism because it is very crucial to use. He needs to be ethical, very ethical. The the most ethical of humans that there could possibly be for him to successfully run his company and become an ethical person.
So basically by looking at the theory of utilitarianism the necessary component for someone to successfully accomplish the ethical standards of being ...view middle of the document...

Speaking of accounts as long as they fulfill the accounts properly and maintain a good supply chain and a valid managerial information system. As long as they maintain a good marketing issue that shows their ethical boundaries being exceeded to the maximum, then their management will be top notch and most people will trust the reason for them being good human beings. The rest of it depends on the entrepreneurial skills of the other people that are part of the company. But the other stuff all takes it back to the utilitarianism that people want.
We should also look at the topic of Universal ethics, which is the need for all humans to follow a certain important standard. It’s a standard that most people need to refer to become a generally good human being. Once they are good human beings with good standards that people can depend on then it is the best thing for the company to do. Luis will definitely be able to make improvements. This is the reason for them to become the best ethically efficient company that a person can attain and once they attain the the best trilogy option for luis to achieve they will be able to maintain a good standing for the rest of the company. Hiopefully the Sources that the company uses becomes the best option for them to become a universally ethical company to be ethical universally.
Ethical universalship is the method that people need to take because the people that want to be universally ethical are the reason that they must encounter certain people that would make them interested in each other because people need a reason for them to become ethically diverse.

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