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General Biology Essay

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Water is fundamental to every human being. The daily requirement for the body is close to twenty to fifty liters of clean safe water (Kemp, 2009). There are many reasons why access to clean water is beneficial to every human being.
Firstly, clean and safe drinking water is good for the health. All living things need water for survival. Water contributes to about seventy ...view middle of the document...

Clean water is also good for maintenance of hygiene since it is used in bathing and laundry.
Secondly, protection of clean drinking water makes sense to the environment. Previously, there was an assumption that burring chemicals on earth has no effects. This is wrong because all things deposited on ground accumulate. The chemicals and other pollutants affect underground water that is sometimes used by human beings ( Easter, 2006). Treatment of contaminated water is time consuming and consumes significant portion of resources. Moreover, current technology cannot guarantee one hundred percent treatment; therefore prevention of pollution is key to provision of clean drinking water. Maintenance of cleaning drinking water is economically beneficial since it saves huge sums that are used in the treatment of contaminated water( Easter, 2006).

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