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Gene Technology Essay

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Gene Technology
Nelly Solorzano
Strayer University
Intro to Biology
Kerry Lee
November 29, 2015

Gene Technology

Biological basis - Genetic engineering is a laboratory process by which an individual genome is purposely modified. With genetic engineering a gene from one species can be transferred to another and produce an organism that is transgenic or a gene can be altered and reinserted into an individual of the same species. Either way resulting in genetically modified organism also known as GMO.
One GMO being used now is genetically modified or engineered animals which are animals in which modern technology and molecular biology are used to alter ...view middle of the document...

And who may actually be advocating for these animals rights.
Due to these issues governing bodies have developed relevant policies calling for increased vigilance and monitoring of potential animal welfare impacts. Changes are being made to refine the genetic engineering techniques that are being used such as the use of less invasive procedures and less creation of large quantities of animals warranting for less animals exposed to harmful procedures, because out the ones that are created only so many survive the genetic engineering procedures or actually have the wanted outcome.
There are also concern with the some of the outcomes of experimenting with genetically modified animals especially with the transplant of animal organs into humans as this may cause catastrophic results being that all human pandemics have been cause of animal viruses that adapted to replicate in humans. Also experimenting with the genes of animals raises ethical dilemmas as some animals have been genetically modified to carry mutations associated with human diseases and often suffer the same symptoms of these conditions like humans.

My personal view on this matter of genetically modified animals is that if they are used for a good purpose such as medicine for humans and other animals than this is a good cause.
The first genetically modified animals were mice but now a days they...

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