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Gene One Comparison Paper

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Similar Problems to Gene One
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Gene One, which is a company who is struggling on methodology to achieve growth, has announced they will pursue an initial public offering (IPO) of the company’s stock in effort to raise capital to achieve growth and success.
During this process, Gene One will face dilemmas similar to which Vonage and Google had to face during their struggle to take the company public. Many other companies, both big and small, deal with similar problems on a daily basis, aside from the expansion of their companies. Internal issues, such as teamwork, leadership, and problem management ...view middle of the document...

Outcome of Vonage’s Response to the Issue
Somewhere the IPO clearly went sour. Vonage’s IPO was set at $17 per share in March of 2006. Today, the market value of a single share of Vonage stock is exactly $2, which is obviously a devastating loss to the company’s value. The cause of the loss could be pointed in numerous different directions. The first and most obvious reason why Vonage continually loses money is competition. Google, Cox, and many other larger companies involved with web communications are currently in the process of providing similar services. Since companies such as Google dominate the online industry, they can easily provide a better service for a substantially lower price. The second main reason for Vonage’s failure is a direct correlation between the price of the service provided to the customer and the price of the services increasing for Vonage to provide (Richardson, 2006).

Issued Identified In the Scenario Also Facing Google
Back in 2004, Google was already an extremely large business founded by two partners whom realized going public was the best way to fund their continuing venture in providing the best search engine in existence, while continually increasing products and services. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin knew that in order to make this happen, they were going to have to pursue new experienced leadership. Knowing this, Google Presidents Page and Brin hired Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Sun Microsystems to lead Google in to the IPO. Like Gene One, leadership was questioned during the upcoming transition (Brin & Page, 2004).
Google’s Response to the Issue
Knowing that an...

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