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Gender Stereotypes Throughout History Essay

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Synthesis Essay

Women have suffered for a very long time from many gender stereo types, one example could be that women are more emotional and less physical then men. Another could be that all women love the colour pink and that they all love to ride ponies and grow up to be princesses. The fact is that women are not the only ones getting hit hard with all the gender stereotypes. Although historically gender stereotypes have been harder on women, men too suffer the effect of gender stereotyping.
Growing up and all throughout their lives, men are made to believe that they have to make more money than their partner. It’s seen as a loss of pride if a female makes more than a male, and ...view middle of the document...

Cook the meal early enough so that when he comes through the door his food is already ready for him without him having to wait.
There are many other stereo types for women for instance that they aren’t strong they are weak or that no woman can be a hero. Well again that where we are all wrong, for example one of my favorite super heroes is Wonder Woman. Not because she prances around in tight and short pants but because of her background. She was created by a man who got the idea from his wife. Wonder woman comes from a foreign planet that is ruled by women. When Wonder Woman was created is was during the 2nd world war and the world was over ruled by lots of men with power. Wonder Woman was created as sort of message to men that women can be powerful too. At the time Wonder Woman wasn’t a very popular comic but after a while when women started to gain power in parts of the world and gain more freedom the comic took off. Cartoons and children’s toys display the most stereotypical stereotypes that show children how they are expected to be. Barbie for instance gives little girls the idea that in order to have a happy life they need to love pink and short skirts and to shop and have a big house. For boys the Barbie equivalent is the Rescue Heroes which gives little boys the idea that they need to big and...

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