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Gender Stereotypes And Discrimination In The Workplace

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Gender stereotypes and discrimination in the workplace

Organisations need to participation of diversity gender in workplace, which is very necessary, whereas, still have gender stereotypes and gender discrimination in the workplace. Stereotype refers to individual or specific types of people who have stationary characteristic when people think. As Michael P. (2001) said, stereotypes like a bias when people always accustomed to the mechanical classification to a specific person as a typical representative of class of persons and even the evaluation of certain types of people as a personal evaluation. Basically, stereotyping can turn into discrimination if people ...view middle of the document...

3) Gender stereotyping also leads to sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination.
4) Gender stereotyping resulting discrimination is still a significant roadblock to women’s success in the workplace.

3. Example for Gender Stereotype:
Women’s discrimination in work environments still exist even thought there is legislature and courts that are supposed to protect against such negative environments, other important measures must be taken to eliminate the stereotypes. ASDA was managing gender diversity and having a flexible working arrangements of work.

* Gender discrimination
1. The concept of Gender discrimination:
Gender discrimination is unequal treatment based on the gender of a person and refers to any situation where a person is denied an opportunity or misjudged solely on the basis of their sex. (Mullins, 2007)

2. Research: Women’s employment in the UK
Women now comprise approximately 47% of the workforce.
In 1970s, only 10% of professionals were women, compared with 42% today (EOC, 2006). The main reason is there have been changes in types of jobs that women do.

There is an ‘occupational gender segregation’ are used to describe the tendency for men and women to be employed in different occupations and sectors of the economy.
From the EOC, 2006’s data that can be known there are three occupational groups that women majority employed. There are ‘administrative and secretarial (81%)’, ‘personal services (84%)’ and ‘sales and customer service (69%)’. There also have over half of all employed women work in these three occupational groups alone. Women also work in low-paid job, including receptionists (95%), cleaners and domestics (76%) and waiting staff (74%). Whereas, men predominate in manual jobs in the...

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