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Gender Roles In Disney Movies Essay

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Gender Roles in Disney Movies
It is undeniable that the company that is leading to many generations in their child age is Disney. Who does not remember Mickey and Minnie Mouse?, Who has not thrown a tear when Snow White was poisoned by the evil witch?, Who did not want to ever be in the place of handsome John Smith or Pocahontas herself to revive their love story?, that tender these films, is not it, for example the Little Mermaid and Sebastian the crab song, who does not remember that song from "under the sea”? Has anybody ever wondered why the dwarves themselves did not do the housework when they came home once Snow White "moved in" with them? Or why an Indian as Pocahontas, falls for a ...view middle of the document...

Beauty and the Beast
There are about 26 characters in the movie out of which 8 are female and the male characters are 18. Bella is beautiful, dreamy, hardworking, curious, weak, brave, assiduous reader of fantasy novels and sweet voice. Girls of the people are lush, beautiful, flirty, silly or unintelligent at all costs and seek a husband. Women (the people) are plump, with apron and basket, do not talk much and most just out shopping. Women always comes closet converted into smiling, his voice is very sweet and shy (Klein, Shiffman & Welka, 2000). Mrs. Pott is a good mother, a good person, hardworking, perfectionist, chubby (like all women of a certain age in the movie. The woman duster is lush, sexy, not talk too much, just be seduced (is a parallel with the village women). However on the other hand, Gaston is strong, fearless, not smart, hunter, no manners, smug, evil, calculating. Beast is at first rude, cocky dirty, neglected, is an evil. After the arrival of Bella to the castle is transformed into a more polite, gentle, until after the spell becomes handsome. Assistant Gaston is short, fat, evil, no personality and charming (Coltrane & Shih, 2010).
Father of Bella is short, chubby, his profession is a scientist, and people say that's a little crazy. Gaston Assistant little round, fat and ugly (Li-Vollmer & LaPointe, 2003). Ding-dong is stiff, chubby and grumpy. Lumiere is slim, seductive and fun. Bella is dreamy, nice and quiet. Girls are silly and fanciful. Mrs. Pott is good, sweet and perfectionist. Gaston is evil, arrogant, calculating and stubborn. Beast in the beginning was foolish, arrogant, evil, but eventually became good and kind. Ding-dong is stiff and insecure. Lumiere is daring and seductive. Bella's father is good, clueless and intelligent. The stereotypes linked to female characters in Disney movies are (Coltrane, 2004):
• Pretty girls are dumb.
• Women only help the husband, or engage in home and children.
• Women can express their feelings.
• Women should not read.
Stereotypes linked to male characters (Lacroix, 2004):
• Handsome guy silly
• Men work and struggle
• Men do not cry
It has often been said that literature for children is women's work, of little value that serious writers (read adult), discriminate against writers and writers who are dedicated to this minor genre (Hoerrner, 1996). Therefore, if children's literature helps children to theorize their live, for what makes reasoning to the vicissitudes of the characters, to appreciate or depreciate their actions, and relate the conduct depicted in the texts to their own experiences and values and lets also share ideas and ideals, suffer or enjoy with the plot, is that what you gender makes it a powerful medium that includes an exceptional educational quality for the transmission of values (Do Rozario, 2004). This is the reason why the literary work ends up being an instrument of transmission of ideas, beliefs, values and ideology, which is why, at the...

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