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Gender Power Essay

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Change is an ongoing or continuous process which leads to improvement or declination depends upon the effects of changes and the type of changes. As we know everything in the world is changing around us with a rapid rate, which is more facilitated by the technological advances.
India also encounters changes such as changes in the balance of existing powers like economic power, political power and gender power.
Among all the above verticals that is mentioned above, balance of gender power in the world, especially in India is really changing.
Gender shapes the lives of all people in all societies. It influences all aspects of our lives, the schooling we receive, ...view middle of the document...

The participants agreed on the principle "that advancing gender equality and equity and the empowerment of women, and the elimination of all kinds of violence against women, and ensuring women’s ability to control their own fertility, are cornerstones of population and development-related programme. Most countries now acknowledge that gender and the extent of gender equality will influence the timing and shape of demographic change. In general, as the differences between men’s and women’s roles diminish, women gain status and power within a society and begin to control their reproductive lives.
In every society, the roles women and men assume accord women fewer opportunities and
privileges. Gender inequality may also be structured and perpetuated by the economy, the political system, and other social institutions. Civil law and religious customs in various countries, for example, may restrict a woman’s ability to own property, work in certain occupations, or serve as a religious leader.
Like race and social class, gender orders social relationships in such a way that...

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