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Gender Issues Essay

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Men and Women, and especially husbands and wives, need to have equality in their marriages and relationships so that their commitment can last forever. Many women today are being torn apart by the conflicting ideas of what they should be according to the standards of the society they were raised in and what they believe they could be according to their own vision. As women are becoming less and less satisfied with simply being a mother, they begin to expand themselves into the workplace. In the past the woman held the role of a mother and a caretaker, making sure that the family's internal needs were met. She also maintained the majority of the daily household ...view middle of the document...

The women are beginning to take on the role as the breadwinner, but unfortunately the majority of husbands are not taking on any additional family roles. Women who are in the workforce make only 70 percent of what men do. The women often find themselves working a double shift-- eight hours at the office, and another eight at home. Women in this situation are beginning to feel the stresses of an extra large workload. They can not take on the complete role as a housewife after a day's work at a paid profession. Without the necessary time needed to relax and focus on herself, the wife becomes stressed and burned out. Depression is a common result of the women being over worked. The more household tasks that the working wife has to do correlates inversely with her satisfaction in the marriage. Men are responding to the changes very well. Husbands are beginning to realize that an equal partnered relationship can be very fulfilling from a economic point of view. As far as who should have the greater "say" in the relationship, men still feel that they should be dominant in decision making. This is due to both the genetic differences between men and women and the cultural norms that allow it. Stunningly, women report more distress if husbands are dominant with the housework. Even though women usually keep the same responsibilities around the house while working outside the home, they feel that the home should be kept the way they want to keep it. Men feel they can't win! It's not as if men are doing nothing to help. Husbands do more than wives on minor home...

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