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Gender! Gender! Society Bender!! Essay

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SOCIOLOGY PAPER: For the eighteen years that I have lived on this wonderful planet called Earth, I have noticed too often of the differences in which the females and males of our society are treated. They are treated differently right from birth and continue to be treated in a different manner throughout their lives. The way in which a newborn baby is treated depends entirely on the baby's gender. If the baby is a girl, most of her clothes would be pink and people would call her "a pretty, little girl; so soft and delicate" where as if the baby is a boy, people would call him "a tough, little guy" and of course, his clothes would be blue. Girls and boys, and women and men of our society are ...view middle of the document...

Another idea that has been passed from one generation to the next concerning one's behavior towards females and males is that women are to stay at home and cook and clean and that the men are to go out and work and be able to support the family. Of course, we all know that that idea has been changed a little over time yet there are still members of the present society who would argue in favor of the idea that women should be housewives and that men should be in the workforce providing for their families. The media, which is a socializing agent influences our daily lives tremendously especially with regards to the treatment of women and men in our society. The media supports some of the non-material ideas and helps in keeping them present. Many of these ideas are portrayed in the television sitcoms and movies. For example, when a couple is going out to a restaurant to dine, the man always holds the door open for the woman and once they are ready to be seated, the man pulls out the chair for the woman. The woman is capable of opening the door and pulling out the chair for herself yet people continuously follow what they see in the media and what they know from the non-material culture aspect of socialization.Ethnomethodology is the study of the commonsense knowledge that people use to understand the situations in which they find themselves. In other words, it is one way of learning about how people learn to act in certain situations. Their learning is based on background expectancies and experiments. For my example, people know how to treat females and males of our society because of the background knowledge they already have. They know that women are to be treated gently because they are very emotional and ever so delicate. In contrast, the men are thought to be machos, all tough and strong, so they do not really have to be treated as gently. As well, a functionalist theory called the control theory is applicable to my example. The control theory suggests that not all of us are deviants because there are certain aspects of our lives that keep us from becoming a deviant. In any society, there is always more male deviants or criminals than there are female criminals. This is because as the control theory suggests, there is more control and attachment involved with the people who are not criminals. This is true because if you are a girl, there is more restrictions put on you and you have less freedom from the world. You are also attached more to your family and peers and are more mature. The males have a great deal more freedom and are less controlled by their parents and the society as a whole. Therefore, females are less likely to become a deviant compared to males.Gender identity is the person's perception of the self as female or male. Gender identity can be seen as a social identity. Whether you are a female or a male, your gender identity gives you a sense of self. It allows you to feel safe and secure in knowing that you belong somewhere....

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