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Gender Equality Essay

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Gender Equality
Women have faced major discrimination when it comes to work and sometimes in education. Women decades ago had a wide range of opportunities denied to them due to their sex. Women have always been looked upon as the weaker sex and men as stronger and as the rulers. Women years ago were not seen as individuals, they were basically their husband’s slaves. Women were the ones to stay home, make dinner for their cranky and tired husband, look after their children, clean the house and answer to their husband. It was pretty safe to say that women were never the ones that over ruled this society, but “there have been huge changes…” (182) in gender equality. Gender equality has ...view middle of the document...

This was due to the openings in many jobs due to all the American men leaving to fight for their country. There was a big “shortage of labor in factories… [which were] filled by the women” (Gender Roles Within American Marriage). Women were rapidly “responding to the nations demand for labor” (Gender Roles Within American Marriage) showing every one that women were not rug dolls like every one thought they were. Due to the fast response to the nations demand for labor “women’s labor strengthened… [changing] their role in society” (Gender Roles Within American Marriage).
Women have always been banned from many types of jobs, but now they are taking over. There are more women in positions of leadership today than ever before. “Over the past half-century, women have been rapidly collecting the skills and credentials that should allow [them] to take over the world, or at least… half of it” (American Women). “Just over a decade into the 21st century, women's progress can be seen and celebrated across a range of fields” (Global Women’s Progress). According to the 2011 Global Women’s Progress Report many women hold high political office jobs such as Yingluck Shinawatra from Thailand, Dilma Rousseff from Brazil, Laura Chinchilla from Costa Rica, and Julia Gillard Australia. There is even a woman who holds the top spot at the International Monetary Fund and another who have won the Nobel Prize in economics. According to the report there are even self-made women billionaires in Beijing, tech innovators in Silicon Valley, and in countless other areas women are leaving their mark.
Women from past centuries would never have dreamed of or imagined women being that high in society today. “A woman in a position of power such as manager of a large firm was totally unheard of” (Female Power). Men have always been the ones to succeed in life since they were the ones that have always worked and women stayed home. A few decades ago in Saudi Arabia “women weren’t even allowed to drive” (Global Women’s Progress). There has been a huge impact on gender equality from previous years. “A generation ago working women performed menial jobs and were routinely subjected to casual sexism” (Female Power). According to some statistics from Female Power today about 51 percent of women make up the majority of professional workers in the United States alone. Gender equality is growing all over the world as every day passes, for example “in Spain the proportion of young women in the labor force has now reached American levels” (Female Power). Women have succeeded over the years and they are taking over as years pass.
Women were not even allowed to go to school or to get education before. “Women today have equal rights with men to education” (Female Power). According to Female Power it is now illegal to discriminate against either sex by denying them access to certain subjects and courses at school and in higher education because of their sex. “Women today are attending...

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