Gender Diversity In The Workplace Essay

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Gender and Diversity in the Workplace
A Research Proposal


The role of gender and ethnicity can shed light on how individuals react within a group. Greater

social diversity implies a greater spread of experience, which could add to the collective

knowledge of a group of office workers and makes the unit perform more effectively, research

has shown and will show in the following information. Gender equality is achieved when people

are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of

whether they are a woman or a man. Certain facilities that are located over sees have made

tremendous effort and have ...view middle of the document...

Research has also shown that

companies and organizational that have put in place and respect the diversity, retain and

improve operational function.

Research Question

The question is therefore simple: Is gender and diversity in the workplace? Given the

differences between male and female in the workplace we can also look at this study that was

perform which included around the clock working. The study shows that the 24/7 work cultures

lock gender inequality in place, because as I mentioned the woman is primarily a woman’s

problem. “The very well-intentioned answer is to give women benefits, but it actually derails

women’s careers. The culture of overwork affects everybody.” The study examined a global

consulting firm, which was not named. The firm, where 90 percent of the partners were men,

asked the professors what it could do to decrease the number of women who quit and increase

the number who were promoted. In exchange, the academics could collect data for their

research. The firm was typical in that employees averaged 60 to 65 hours of work a week.

Gender and Diversity is important and understanding the relationship between the two and as a

whole. This proposal will review research on the Gender and Diversity in the workplace. The

objective of this study is to review the differences in organizations between a diverse and a non-

diverse workplace.This review will lead to a theory that gender and diversity is in the workplace.

The question of this study attempts to answer is focusing on the workplace and whether it has

gender and diversity in the workplace. Different workplaces have different organization

behaviors methods that they might use, in order to put in place a method that will promotor

equality in the workplace. In a recent discussion at the TruLondon event in February a woman

working in the recruitment industry spoke of her personal experience of gender in the

workplace, stating that her female manager received a somewhat negative response to any

issue of authority and her male colleagues were quick to label her bossy, whereas this label

wouldn’t have been direct toward a male boss. Gender and Diversity inequality is a two way


Current Analysis and Opinion

The information on Gender and Diversity in the workplace feeds off of the actual workers and

feedback and employee satisfaction. The first among these is the company ability to show

stereotyping (equality) between man and woman and their ability to work together in a team

environment. In the workplace we should familiarize yourself with anti-discrimination laws to be

able to prevent discrimination in the workplace for example, equal pay, harassment,

victimization based on whether that individual is a male or female. Create a strict policies so that

employees can easily report any wrongdoings when they have become offended. Equal pay and


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