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Gender Disparity Essay

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Women comprise more than half of the population in the United States and have overwhelmingly surpassed men in the attainment of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In 2011, women only comprised 16.1 percent of board seats in Fortune 500 companies in the United States (Soares, 2011). This large gender disparity is hurting our boards immensely, as it is not showing enough of a large percentage of the population. In other countries the inclusion of other races and genders has been documented to show that it can help a company immensely in regards to profitability. In this report, we are going to talk about gender disparity, what it is, how it affects our Boards, what is being done, and ultimately ...view middle of the document...

Of those women of color, most are black. The Committee for Economic Development (CED, 2012) cites that the reason that these disparities exist is simply because companies do not make it a priority to “develop the talents and advance the careers of female staff who have been identified as potential leaders. This means providing such women with the experiences and backgrounds needed to rise to the top, and advocating their promotion to higher levels of responsibility” (CED, 2012). Simply stated, if companies don’t recognize potential candidates talents, we will never be able to advance those candidates to take part of programs or added educational benefits and ultimately make them into Board of Directors members.
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The United States has made small strides in regards to correcting gender disparity. In 2009 the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a proxy amendment to their disclosure requirements in regards to a company’s 8-K, 10-K, and 10-Q. It requires, “New disclosure regarding the consideration of diversity in the process by which candidates for director are considered for nomination by a company’s nominating committee.” (SEC, 2009) The greatest problem with the proxy amendment is that the SEC does not define diversity. Without a clear definition as to what diversity may mean, there is no guarantee that companies under the SEC will make any strides to include a more...

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