Gender Discrimination In Workplace In Pakistan

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Gender discrimination in workplace in Pakistan |
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Nature has always maintained a balance in the objects of this world in order garnish it with a beauty, and so it produced a balancing factor for each and every object. These balancing factors vary in the proportion of the support they provide to their counterpart. In the very same context, ALLAH created man ...view middle of the document...

Now a days, many NGO’s have taken steps to protect human dignity and not just this they also have stepped forward to remove gender discrimination. Gender discrimination has dominated in so many societies today that it is getting difficult to overcome it. Talking about discrimination with women, we can see it happening in every corner of the world. It is also a bitter reality that they receive lesser food than boys do, do not get admitted to schools and in many countries they work more and receive lesser wage. Girls are deprived off from their basic rights even, in many societies they are denied of their right in property, nationality and are considered worthless. Girls are forced to get married at an early age or without their approval. They are deprived of their rights, liberty, education etc. All this is faced by almost everywhere in the world by women, only a little fraction of highly civilized countries don’t face such discrimination to an extreme end, though it is faced there too may it be at low level.
Importance of study with respect to organization and Background:
The gender gap is very well alive at any workplace across the world. Now a day’s gender discrimination is very common everywhere. But as our focus is only on workplace, we would talk about discrimination that takes place at workplaces. According to TNS research survey, 68% of women believe that gender discrimination exists in workplace. There are many federal laws and also many company policies regarding discrimination against women but that’s not all, practical implication of those laws and policies is required. Women generally are the victims of gender discrimination; due to all this discrimination they lose motivation and morale which is definitely important for their progress. Things that might lead to all this down morale etc could be gender inferiority jokes, offensive or sexual nature jokes. Laws obviously prohibit this type of harassment either by managers, bosses or anyone else. Gender discrimination may also include practice of passing an employee for promotion unfairly. All these things lead to destruction where an employee or worker may feel discouraged and discriminated and this destructiveness may include physical violence, destruction of property or false rumors about each other in the company that may affect a worker’s job.
Research question:
What are the causes of gender discrimination and does it exists in workplace in Pakistan?
Literature review:
Dr. Frank J. Cavico et all (2012) inspected in this article the discrimination in the workplace on sexual orientation and based on gender identity. They talk about different laws and also company policies covering about discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity. They also talk about the expanding rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, sexual transitioning and transgender people and debate that why there rights have been expanding over time. Importantly this article provides with the basic...

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