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Gender Discrimination Essay

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How does the representational system of music constructs gendered subjectiveness? How does the construction of gendered subjectiveness effect women who would like to pursue careers as conductors of major orchestras?
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Natasha Bedingfield’s Single has expressed her views to the stereotypical society we live in by exhibiting that she does not need a man to complete her. I believe that this video is conclusion because she is taking a feminist approach to being single instead being attached to a man because society wants a women to be completed by a man when men are not always needed to live and survive in the world. From her clothing to the club scene, Natasha shows us that she is independent and can handle herself in situations.

Dating back to the initial exclusion of women from the church as singers-“Let women keep silent in the church”, ...view middle of the document...

Women are subjected to pursuing jobs that are not always their choice, but a social acceptance. Most women received an education in music because music represented “elegant arts” components, which is said to make a woman appear to be suitable for marriage. Women who were musically trained tended to “attracted men” and “prevented bad marriages”, which could be objected because anyone can have a bad marriage just because you have a certain profession does not make women susceptible to have having a guaranteed, flawless marriage. Women used their musical education to be accepted by families and social settings through entertainment. Women did not receive an equivalent education to men; their education was recognized as an “ornamented” subject because their curriculum consisted of mostly vocal classes and not a lot of music theory and composition like men because society believed that women could not handle the high positions that men can handle because of their nurturing nature.
The construction of “gender subjectiveness” prevents most women from having the opportunity to pursue careers as conductors of major orchestras because of society’s stereotypical views about women. Early on women were discriminated against through assigned instruments such as the violin and piano because these instrument had high tones the connected to the male’s sexuality and men did not allow women to use instruments that portrayed masculine or a distortion in facial expressions. Women are supposed to appeal to the male society according to stereotypes that prevent women from gaining respect from certain acts or professions they may choose to pursue. The women society is not suppose to exhibit sexuality in the public even though men can do so. Just because a person is born a woman gives that person limited rights as to what they are accessible to and contributes to why not many women who desire to become an orchestra conductor or music writer cannot be accepted by our discriminatory society.

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