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Shemica Davis
November 29, 2012
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Gender Differences In Managerial Style

A Study was conducted to assess whether there were gender differences in perceived effectiveness of management skills. Gender differences were found (by gender) on the set of management skills that I studied for this class they were communicating, coaching and developing, and time management. It was not surprising that females reported higher perceived effectiveness then men in the communicating skills. Females are more likely than males to indicate that they use an interactive style of management called transformational leadership. This leadership style was found to be correlated with lots of ...view middle of the document...

But a new trend of leadership research emerged in the 1990’s as organizations began to undergo major structural changes due to downsizing. Researchers began to focus their attention on two contrasting management styles; transformational versus transactional leadership, which is subdivided into contingent reward and management –by-exception leadership styles (Bass, 1999). Females in this study focus more on the group needs than their own this displayed transformational leadership ,and the males gave out reward to employee to do the work and whoever did the best will win this displayed as contingent reward leadership. This kind of leadership is used more when males are the manger of a company. A manager following this leadership style makes a verbal or written contract with his subordinate that lets the subordinate know what is expected and what will occur if expectations are or are not met. The effectiveness of each leadership styles has been a topic of concern by many companies. Some companies think that men can do more than women are better at getting the job done. Some think that men are stronger in voice and reason that can make a company run better and with my research I have found that in today’s world more companies are leaning in on women being more in control then man. Woman have a better communicating skills then men, more women know how to talk without using the strong hard voice of men which some think is not needed to make a company profit. As women have become a more prominent presence as leader and executives in bigger companies, more attention has been devoted to the possible differences between leadership styles of women and men. Intuitive reasoning suggests that early socialization patterns develop different qualities in women and men that would likely result in variations in leadership styles (Powell, 1993). The term leader refers to a person holding formal positions of leadership in a company or organizations. Historically, gender precludes most females from becoming leaders in such big organizations, but as a result, the assumption that males were better suited have all came to an end. However, the idea of a women being in control has left many to grasp how “can a women run a company better then a man”. Women are advancing in higher level jobs then men they are strong women who have to be able to handle enormous social and psychological pressures. But men can handle the higher level jobs because they don’t seem bother them and they can handle it because they have wives to handle their family so they only have to worry about work ,women on the other hand ,have to jungle work and family. These are the two biggest problems that women can have if she is the head of a big company the family time turns out to be short and they will need someone to help out with their family. But is it the difference in leadership styles that has impeded women’s progress? One big issue that the society might not have taken into consideration is...

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