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Gender Differences And Social Work Intervention In China

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Yisi Zuo
SOC 101
Gender Differences and Social Work Intervention in China
Professional activity is one of the most important human activities in modern society; its effects permeate all areas of personal, family and social life. As China's market economy development and social transformation, and increasingly fierce competition in the labor market, unemployment and the rising threat of job flows down, various pressures caused by occupational activities are turned into a widespread social phenomenon. Social development is sustainable, inappropriate occupational stress is not only not conducive to human physical and mental health, family harmony, organizational effectiveness, ...view middle of the document...

In the cognitive model, researchers are committed to study cognitive variables and the relationship between perceived stress and adapt to the consequences. Thus, occupational stress problem covers more than one dimension, relating to sources of stress, stress reactions, stress, motivation, stress consequences of conflict, the role of individual, social and environmental conditions and its contents change. To date, regarding the definition of occupational stress is not fully formed. Researchers emphasized that sources of stress, researchers also emphasize pressure effects, stress, researchers see it as an environment variable, the product of the interaction between individuals and the environment. This article is from a general sense to define the occupational stress, occupational stress refers to the worker arising out of those with professional scene or situation linked to the physical, mental or behavioral abnormalities. Proceeding from this definition, occupational stress is a multidimensional concept, thus, the study on occupational stress is divided into three areas: stressors, stress and coping. Stressors are sources of occupational stress, means that lead to stress and occupational-related scenes or situations. Occupational stressors usually come from personal, work and social dimensions. Main task of this study, work, relationships and family-work balance source characterization of stress in terms of four conditions pressure at the individual level of stress responses are specific reactions or, in other words, professional scenes or situations leading to workers arising from physical or psychological biases, such as occur during excessive anxiety, tension and behavioral symptoms. This study from the physiological, cognitive (subjective judgments of occupational stress), emotional (emotional experiences for occupational stress) and behavior (behavioral response due to pressure) characterization of occupational stress response on four dimensions; stress coping, stress control and management, when individuals when faced with pressure, some way to regulate emotion, cognition, behavior and environment. According to the Yerkes-Dodson law, namely, inverted u-theory, when the pressure is lower than middle-level pressure helps to stimulate the body, enhance the body's ability to respond, in favors of better work performance. Moderate pressure is an important driving force for individual job performance and organizational efficiency. However, when the pressure is the intensity and frequency of the source exceeds the capacity of the individual or personal stress coping mechanisms and social support system is not perfect, and will damage the personal career capabilities. That impact is generalized to individuals in other areas, reducing the individual's health, quality of life, resulting in strained relationships, and organizational performance. However, within the Organization, usually have not developed specifically for occupational stress coping...

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