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Gender At Work Essay

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The 2.5 percentage-point gap between men’s unemployment rate of 10.5 percent and women’s 8 percent rate is highest. It has ever been since records were kept in 1948. Ever since the issue regarding the capabilities of men and women have commenced, stereotypical assumptions brought a huge impact on gender hiring and biases in the business workplace that particularly affect the status of women. Despite the continuing issues of women getting pregnant, being abused and emotional, women have preferable qualities in communication skills, leadership activities and cognitive functions as contrasted to men.
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As seen through different business organizations, women’s access to labor force has been becoming greater in size within the past three decades in different developing countries while those of men decreased.
As an advantage, women have preferable qualities in communication skills, leadership activities and cognitive functions as contrasted to men. Women’s language tends to be indirect, indiscreet, tactful and good at negotiations. According to Booher (2009), women tend to give fewer directives and use more courtesy words. When a woman sees the capability of an employee as unproductive, she uses a different type of approach to convey the message in an acceptable manner. They ascertain that being polite could create a connection to fellow workers which will avoid arguments. They are accustomed as being nice to be successful on certain outcomes. They do not isolate themselves from the others and become part of the group (MaddoxSmye, 2005). This only shows that women have an effective communication skill because of the pleasant words used in interacting at the workplace.
In support, women talk to build rapport with others and to explore their own feelings and opinions. Consequently, they consider many subjects worthy of conversation. In certain group activities, women tend to ask more questions about the background of the person she is working with to establish a harmony during work. They often talk about personal topics such as relationships, people, and experiences. According to Gray (1992), a woman’s sense of self is defined through her feelings and the quality of her relationships. To women, an important component of conversation is simply “connecting” emotionally with another person. Results show that women realize the intended meaning of non verbal communication. They are effective on conveying their ideas and more reliable than men (Dubrin, 2009). The working environment is significant for women. In one finding, they speak roughly 25,000 words a day whereas 12,000 words for men. They chat to establish linkages and sustain affairs (MaddoxSmye, 2005). This simply proves that women maintain a good-working relationship to establish their opinions properly on discussions.
Moreover, women are better in recognizing facial cues upon conversation. This skill is a great negotiable tool that helps companies gets more deals. A situation caught up in a business showed that those overconfident men are not very good at reading facial cues. Men, then, want to team-up with a woman leader and go to negotiation as a male- female team because women will be bringing many assets to the company as a result of being better on reading facial cues. According to tests all over the world, women test better on facial cue recognition. (Gurian & Annis, 2008). Being good at recognizing facial indications of various clients, women are still preferable in closing important deals.
On the other hand, men’s language tends to be more direct, powerful, blunt,...

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