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Gender And Family Essay

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Gender and Family
Carmen Canjura
CJS/240 Introduction to Juvenile Justice
November 23, 2014
Nick Burgrabe

Gender and Family
Being parents is not easy but when you are a parent of a son and daughter dealings are totally different men are educated to be strong and courageous. The girls taught that they were so delicate in speaking are more educated and demure in their dress and submitted with the people outside. Age and genres can influence juvenile delinquency among boys, drugs, gangs, and other factors that may affect juvenile delinquency. The society in which we live some have more, and some fewer poverty levels are higher every day. Juvenile delinquency is a matter of concern ...view middle of the document...

Where schools have better standards in education, they must meet the friends of their children and families to know what kind of person your child involved. It is essential to give love, understanding, discuss their concerns know they need to be heard, parents should take an interest in their education and wellness. Teach our children to be good citizens to volunteer to the community to work together. They will realize how it affects to be a gangster, a drug addict, but if we teach them to dream big they will. Make a difference goes to the University, be better than their parents. I am not of those who think the influence drags the young ones to delinquency, who wants get into criminal acts that do not value what their parents do. I think we should teach them to be better and make a better world for us to educate, and they see our examples. Before the delinquency of women, it was not as common as now experts say it was, not crucial because women rarely commit the crime of delinquency. Among women, it has grown the past few years while delinquency among men has been...

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