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Gender Essay

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BLS Pre Test
Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Which of the following describes a way you can allow the chest to recoil completely after each











chest compression? a. Remove your hands from the patient’s chest between compressions. b. Keep weight from your arms on the patient’s chest at all times so that the chest remains slightly compressed. c. Allow the chest to return to normal position by taking the weight off your hands between compressions. d. Keep enough pressure on the chest to keep the chest compressed 1/2 to 1 inch during and ...view middle of the document...

Turn on AED, apply pads to chest, clear patient, allow machine to evaluate rhythm, clear the patient if shock advised, and administer shock. b. Turn on AED, apply pads to chest, and administer shock, clear area. c. Turn on AED, administer shock. d. Turn on AED, using pads, pull off patient’s chest hair, attach new pads, clear the area, and administer shock. What is the BEST way for a rescuer to know that a rescue breath for any victim is effective? a. Watch for the rise of the chest. b. Listen for an air leak around the mask. c. Fully compress an BMV d. Watch for the rise and fall of the stomach.


7. What is the rate for performing chest compressions for a victim of any age? a. 50 compressions per minute b. 140 compressions per minute c. 100 compressions per minute d. 80 compressions per minute 8. Select the reason early defibrillation is important in the adult victim: a. In a patient requiring defibrillation treatment, the successfulness of defibrillation


rapidly decreases over a period of time.
b. Atrial fibrillation is the most common cause of adult cardiac arrest. c. Synchronized cardioversion is the most successful treatment for sudden cardiac



____ 10.

____ 11.

____ 12.

arrest. d. The most frequent rhythm in witnessed cardiac arrest is asystole. Select the correct technique to relieve choking in the awake adult patient. a. Administer chest thrusts for all patients. b. 5 Back blows, followed by 5 chest thrusts. c. Administer abdominal thrusts (Heimlich) d. Open airway give 2 breathes. To validate apnea (no breathes) in an unconscious patient you must open the airway then: a. Look for rise and fall of the chest, listen for air flow , and feel for air flow from the patient b. Look for rise and fall of the stomach, listen for air flow from the patient, and feel for a pulse c. Look for rise and fall of the chest, listen for air flow from the patient, and feel for a pulse d. Look for rise and fall of the chest, listen for air flow from the patient, while counting for 30 seconds to verify lack of breathes. An adult/child is receiving abdominal thrusts (Heimlich) and goes unconscious. After laying the victim on the ground, you would: a. Continue abdominal thrusts. b. Open the victim’s airway, look for object and remove if visible, and begin CPR. c. Call 911 and wait for help. d. Do 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts. Two person CPR in an adult patient includes? a. One person (1st rescuer) gives 2 breathes while the 2nd person (2nd rescuer) does 30 compressions. b. One person controls the scene while the other person calls for help. c. The second person checks for the victim’s pulse while the first person check for the victim’s breathing. d. One person gives 2 breathes and 30 compressions for 2 minutes and then the second person switches and does CPR for 2 minutes.

____ 13. In an unconscious patient/victim without a suspected neck injury, the BEST manner to open

____ 14.

____ 15.

____ 16.

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