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Gen Y Rocks The Business World

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Case Study #1 Human Resource Mgmt & Dev.
Gen Y Rocks the Business World
Gen Y employees are in fact rocking the business world. They are young, they are fierce and they know what they want. These individuals were once immature and naïve people who have developed a sense of self and entered the business world. They face many challenges but have many opportunities available that they seek eagerly. The generation y’s are disruptive not only because of their size but because of their attitudes. They attitudes mean business and they are taking over the industries with an image of what they want a company to be.
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With this being said, Gen Y individuals will absolutely have to make adjustments in their style, preferences and interests in order to be successful in their careers. These individuals are entering into the business world with Traditioners (born before 1945), Boomers (born 1946-1964) and Generation X (1965-1977). These generations were raised under different values, have different interests and are less technologically advanced then Gen Y’s. With that being said, Gen Y’s are not the only individuals that will have to make adjustments. All of the other people within the industries from these other generations will have to adapt to how the Gen Y’s work. They will have to understand that Gen Y’s see tasks a little differently, perform differently and have a different approach to a day in an office.
There needs to be a more integrated support system for individuals to learn to work together in the business world and understand. Every person coming from a different generation is going to have a different way of understanding work, doing work and addressing employees. I think that a Human Resources department can be a huge help in this aspect. Having a centralized idea of having all employees come together to get to know one another is a crucial stepping stone in understand that although we may look and act different, we get the work done just as well as any other individual within this company. As we were all told as young children, and I am sure all generations were told that you should never judge a book by its cover. Outside appearance does not mean that one person is less efficient then the next or that they are less intelligent. Every business has culture. Culture can have an impact on the behavior, productivity, and expectations of employees. With culture comes diversity, which every company must have a diversified environment.
Key components that need to be essential in any business are:
Gen Y’s are young, eager and motivated. Every company wants the new generation because they are innovative and bright, but very few companies have figured out how to successfully retain these Gen Y individuals. Retaining talent has always been hard, but it is important to master. Salary and title is no longer sufficient because Gen Y’s have a different idea of happiness. Money is not the root to happiness to these individuals, although it helps, these Gen Y’s want to be fulfilled and make an impact. In fact, some of them want to change the world or at least make a difference in the lives around them. In the current economic climate
The Gen Y generation arrived at the peak of an economic downturn. These individuals witnessed their...

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