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Gen 480 Ethics Awareness Inventory Essay

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GEN 480 Ethics Awareness Inventory
By Shandra Spear
November 4, 2004
Terry Dunning

According to the survey, I base my ethical perspective most on Obligation, and least on Equity. This is as I expected. I feel mankind has an obligation to do what is universally right regardless of society as a whole. This paper will analyze the results of my ethical awareness inventory and discuss how my ethical perspective influences my decision making and conflict resolution.

Ethical Awareness Inventory

I feel that the intent of ones actions is more important than the results. Adhering to ethical principals is more important than the disasters that ...view middle of the document...

Personal and Professional Development

My decision to leave Lithonia Lighting and seek employment at a smaller company was in part due to ethical considerations. I was surprised at the way Corporate America bases decisions on cost-benefit analysis without human considerations. Shortly after I began employment at Lithonia Lighting, a large series of layoffs began. Working in a smaller environment means that management and employees have more ethical accountability to each other. I have found that I am not ready for the business practices of Corporate America, despite educational awareness of corporate considerations.
Pursuit of higher education has also validated my feelings of obligations when it comes to ethical awareness. I feel that human beings have an obligation to themselves to become lifelong learners and continually seek self actualization. It was at times difficult to shift my thinking from that of an employee, to that of a corporate manager, but it was a necessary evolution if I plan to continue a career into management. Education has made me aware of other considerations that I would not be able to examine were it not for open-minded evaluation that comes with high-level educational inspection.
John Lee, head of the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech believes that, "today’s average graduate is well prepared in the technology of the field, though sometimes sacrificing depth for breadth, the areas for which they have little preparation include ethics, social impact and professional responsibilities" (Lee, 2000). Although that may be true at Virginia Tech, I feel that I have been fully trained in business ethics issues. The University of Phoenix program has focused on many ethical elements and I feel prepared to enter the job market of Corporate America despite its complex ethical issues.
On a personal note, my previous divorce only validated my belief that ethical actions are the results of obligations to each other. Marriage itself is...

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