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Gen 480 Case Study

1104 words - 5 pages

Analysis of Business Specialties
Brian Groves, Jacqueline Johnson, Lynette Mckoy
University Of Phoenix
February 27, 2012
Dr. Kimberly Welsh

As discussed in week two consulting scenario, team D must have both the knowledge, mindset, and skill set in all the areas that the team will want to cover and focus on for a team consulting firm. After reviewing the team members skill set last week all the members of the team have decided to pursue the second option, which was to develop an information technology consulting firm. As mentioned from the team skill set of strategic thinking/judgment, negotiator, problem solving, and time management make it easier for the team to ...view middle of the document...

The Business Process Management consulting firm involves advising, teaching, and changing the old infrastructure in management departments, while incorporating technology as it will improve both the delivery of services from these departments to the recipients of the services. Besides, proffering solutions including office management solutions like software and hardware to increase capacity and dispensation of authority (Brown, 1994).
The purpose of the consulting firm is to help businesses improve their information technology department. The firm will produce results that are not being filled by marketing companies. The strategy of Business Process Management Consultants is to find why other companies are not getting the desired results and to fill the gap by providing the needed services to the teams.

The Role of the Department
The role of the information technology department is to stay on top of all information upgrades and adapt to all the changes that are happening in information technology. A majority of the changes will come from the interactions between corporate and the end users (“Revisiting Client Server Computing,”2011). The current server that is operating in the department store uses a MS Server 2003. The operating system that the department store uses is already upgraded to Window 7 within the last year from Windows XP.
Issues and Problems
The current issue is the current operating system is running very slow and freezing up due to the limited physical memory causing the host server to lock up. However, Windows 7 has a feature called “live Migration” to which can run at the same time from one computer to another without interfering with the network connection (Studevent, 2009). The company has concerns that sometimes that information can get lost or misplaced on the current server. This was found by the company after they upgraded the current server with Window 7, which required a faster operating system. Sometimes when the operating system saves information on the network, they are unable to retrieve it as if it was never saved due to it not appearing on the drive listings. This has because the business to lose records that are needed when running a business, the business network administrator has been able to keep backup data for the business.
IT Knowledge and Solutions can provide:
* Technical support
* Data management and...

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