Gen 300/ Skills For Professional Development

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Cheaters: In an Academic Environment

GEN 300/ Skills for Professional Development

Cheaters: In an Academic Environment

Upholding Academic Honesty is not only ethical, but it is enforced by most institutions of higher learning. If a student should use the ideas of an outside source he or she must properly cite every resource used; fail to do so is plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious issue and seems to be getting out of hand since the technology boom. The internet has paved the way for cheating students; making writing assignments as easy as clicking a mouse. Some students in today’s world are finding it easier than ever to cheat. With ...view middle of the document...

According to Morgan & Reynolds (2002):

“The term plagiarism came from the word plagiarius, which literally meant kidnapper. It was first used by the poet Martial regarding someone who had kidnapped some of his poems by copying them whole and circulating them under the copier’s name”.

Many thieves would raid writer’s homes with the intention of taking the poets/writers material and pass the material off as their own. Teachers used the look it up method before the advance of computer technology. Students used note cards to transfer reference data. Just by changing one word, students could easily plagiarize without getting caught. Teacher had to go behind students and actually get the books the students used to check the students references, making the check and grade process long and tedious. Students would use methods to outsmart the teachers, knowing the teacher would have a difficult time finding the exact material used (Morgan & Reynolds, 2002).

Changes in course curriculum also put students at an advantage; younger generations used materials and sources that older generations were never offered, making plagiarism easier and redolently abundant. Teachers have many papers to grade and may students hope that teachers will overlook the blatant plagiarism. Students realize that teachers do not have that much time to grade each paper and use this method against the teacher (Morgan & Reynolds, 2002). Plagiarizing will always be a problem as long as we, as people, can read a write.

Technology and Cheating

In today’s society, technology plays a very active and vital role in the integrity and principles of education. It is something that can be very helpful or harmful; it just depends on how the technology is used. A research paper with a surplus of sources can be outlined and developed without leaving the house, whereas fifteen years ago a student would spend hours upon hours at the library leafing through an immense quantity of encyclopedias and the like; searching for a single viable piece of information. On the other hand, that same research paper could be bought with one unethical click of a mouse using the same helpful technology.

According to the Journal of Business Ethics (2007), “While the use of the Internet has led to improved efficiency and effectiveness in teaching, it has also created an explosion in student plagiarism” (Groark, 2001; Fialkoff & St. Lifer, 2002; Rimer 2003; Granitz & Loewy, 2007). Technology is something that many individuals take for granted, when it comes to education; the internet not only provides key resources and useful information, it has also provided online access to allow both students and teachers the opportunity to gain a higher education conveniently. However, with convenience, comes the temptation of students to cry off their academic integrity by plagiarism.

As reported by USA Today in 2001, at the University of...

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