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Gen/200 Professinal Values And Ethics Paper

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Assignment: Professional Values and Ethics Paper

February 7, 2011

Professional values and ethics are critical to career success. Whether you are an executive or office worker, a health care professional or student, it is important to do the right thing. Being ethical in the workplace or during your personal time, taps into your basic moral being. It is rare to find a company that does not require their employees, no matter what level, to sign an ethics statement. From the “me” decades of the ‘80s to the present, we constantly hear of companies where executives took the liberties of making deals with friends or thinking ...view middle of the document...

This environment includes a culture in which open and honest communication is expected and employees at all levels appreciate and understand the importance of demonstrating highly ethical behavior.” (Education and Awareness, para. 1). Values of the company include leadership, quality, integrity, customer satisfaction, diverse and involved team, and enhancing shareholders value. Boeing offers programs to inform employees about ethics and values, ethics advisors, and ethic hotline for employees to call if they have a problem. This company is committed to practicing high ethical standards. Boeing is dedicated to provide their employees with the best ethical environment possible.
There are different theories of ethics in the business world. One is the deontology theory (Bowen, S. 2001) virtue ethics (personal qualities of the moral agent), justice theories (ethical decision need be consistent with ethical ideas unless circumstances deem otherwise), and the rights theories (right of the individual based upon human worth and dignity); which compile to make up the stockholder, the stakeholder, and the social contracts that derive in business ethics. The stockholder theory has “managers working as agents for stockholders”. The stakeholder theory has consideration for the workers, suppliers, managers, costumers, and community; thus receiving approval from all parties involved. The social contract theory maximizes societal interest of the company through customer satisfaction and worker interest whilst being just.
These theories work together to create a system of morals for employees and shareholders alike. Ironically, much like anything relating to humans, they are subject to change according to how the business is run. For example, a worker may put in their 40 hours a week but a workplace may not be able to afford to pay them overtime. Such is the case of Wal-Mart in Indiana. Workers were asked to clock out and come back to finish their jobs to save the company money. Some workers cooperated but some defied this idea and sued the retail conglomerate for forcing Wal-Mart employees to clock out but return to clean up their department. Some workers would stay at the store three hours after their shift out from managers that threatened or prodded them into the job.
This writer knew from experience because it happened to them in 1998. In 2002, Wal-Mart pleaded this was an isolated incident how; records showed this had happened in about 18 states across the country. The ethical dilemma whether the employees wanted to lose their jobs and still perform a satisfactory job and why a multibillion dollar business could afford to treat their workers in this manner.
Another example would be in the medical industry where a staff members performs tasks they are not oriented to (such as administering medication without authorization or falsifying...

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