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Gen/200 Attitude And Learning Essay

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After completing the exercise in chapter 1 I found out that the discovery wheel was actually accurate at defining me as a student. The two topics that I scored high in were thinking and purpose. The two categories that I scored lowest in were reading and health. As I read on throughout the chapter I actually found out that I am a reflective observation. I would much rather stand back, watch what is going on, and think about it. When the author talked about the four modes of learning and four questions, I discovered that I was a Mode 4 learner. I am always asking myself the ...view middle of the document...

” As for the type of intelligence, I would say that I am Mathematical/logical because I enjoy solving puzzles, I defiantly prefer math/science over English class (any day lol), I like to convert text into tab les, charts, and graphs. In addition my career, and why I am back in school, is so that I can become an accountant. As for my learning style, I am a visual learner.

As for the other three bulletin points that the professor wants us to talk about:
o Discuss strategies for communication among team members with different attitudes and learning styles.
o Discuss any concept that a team member is having a difficult time understanding.
o Examine the importance and applicability of this week’s concepts to each team member and to society in general.
I can’t really do this part of it until the rest of you guys do yours. I am wondering what everyone’s work schedules are like for this week. So, that we can set a deadline to the first question, and then we spend the rest of the week discussing the differences between us.
Just as an fyi the reading and doing the exercises of chapter 1 and taking notes took me about an hour and a half to two hours. Just to give everyone some kind of idea on how much time you need in order to complete the first bulletin point.

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