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Gen/200 Essay

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Functions of Management Paper

Billy Reese


March 8, 2010

Kelly Wagner

Functions of Management
There are four functions of management that need to be implemented in order for any organization and its management team to be successful. The four functions are, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. All four functions are vital to running a smooth corporation or business.
The first function is Planning. Planning is an ongoing process that never stops. There are always incidents that will arise in which objectives may have to be revisited and changed. This function is also called delivering strategic value. Value is another word for money. A company ...view middle of the document...

The final function is control. This function of management is responsible for establishing performance standards based on a company’s objectives. This area also involves employee evaluations and job performance. Evaluations and job performance reports will help managers come up with corrective and preventive actions to problems that arise. This function also makes sure that “the organizations resources are being used as planned and that the organization is meeting its goals for quality and safety” (Bateman, 2009 pg.13). The controlling process is also a continual function in that it allows managers to recognize problems and make adjustments when needed. This ongoing process never stops because companies are always seeking to get better. Getting better requires higher standards.
In my 11 years at Rent-A-Center I wasn’t aware of these four functions of management. Although I recognize many similarities in the way that we ran our management processes. I can relate to the strategies that we have discussed in this paper. I think that all successful companies are run by similar processes as these.
At Rent-A-Center, the management team that opens each new store had to plan, set goals, and decide on actions needed to meet goals. So planning was the first function in our set up also. Afterwards, we had to organize, which required us to hire and place people in the right jobs and positions. The Leading function or one similar to it...

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