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Gen/105 Student Survival Guide Essay

2504 words - 11 pages

Student Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide

University of Phoenix Axia College


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Using Axia's Educational Resources

Chapter 2: Upholding Academic Honesty

Chapter 3: Setting and Achieving Goals

Chapter 4: Managing Time Wisely

Chapter 5: Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention

Chapter 6: Applying Personality and Learning Styles

Chapter 1: Using Axia's Educational Resources

Educational Resources by Axia College are an establishment to receiving a degree. One resource tool that I use mostly was the university library. It has given me easy access to ...view middle of the document...

Chapter 2: Upholding Academic Honesty

Understanding Axia's policy of academic honesty is a number one piece of information that you should know/remember like the back of your hand; it should be used as a guideline to follow while completing assignments.

. Following this policy is very important, and if you have a well understanding about it you should fly through your assignments with no problems.

When it comes to plagiarism there are two major consequences that you shall understand, which are failing or being expelled. Plagiarism is defined as; submitting work done by others as your own work. At times people believe that they aren't plagiarizing. Just because you take someone else's words and switched them around a bit doesn't mean you made them into your own words. To avoid plagiarism, a writer is required to cite all instances of information gleaned from an outside source if this information is not common knowledge. The statement that Sacramento is the capital of California does not need a citation; however, a comment that the San Andreas Fault does not actually cut through Los Angeles does need a citation because it is not common knowledge. Nothing appears on the references page that does not have a corresponding citation in the text. The requirement for a citation can be quite broad if the information is not common knowledge. You are not guilty of plagiarism if you paraphrase the information from a source and give credit to the source of your information. The purpose of a citation in the text of your paper is to be a little tag that enables anyone interested to look at your references page and find the complete listing source of the information. Since the purpose of citations and references is to enable someone to look up the information you are citing, the citation must point to an existing real-world source. If someone says or writes something to you, the reader cannot retrieve that information. In this case, you use the personal communication citation. Because the references at the end of an essay are reserved for sources that can be retrieved by the general reader, a personal communication should be cited only within the text and not included in the references (University of Phoenix Knowledge Base/FAQs).

To stay away from plagiarizing you can use the plagiarism tool in the Center for Writing Excellence to give you feedback on your paper.

Chapter 3: Setting and Achieving Goals

Setting and achieving goals can be an easy thing to do when you put your mind to it. One of the main things to do to setting goals would be to identify what those long and short-term goals are. There are different kinds of goals from educational to career goals. In order to ensure that you properly set and achieve a goal you first need to deeply desire the goal. If there is no desire to achieve a goal, you will never set your mind to it being achieved. The next step to commit to achieving a goal would be to write down the plan and path...

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