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Ge's Growth Strategy Essay

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GE’s Growth Strategy: The Immelt Initiative

1. When Immelt took over as CEO of GE, he was faced with many unexpected challenges which caused a need for change. Within 4 days of his first day as CEO, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center occurred. This act caused a huge downturn in the economy as well as in the confidence of consumers worldwide. Immelt immediately saw the need for action on GE’s behalf as he reassured consumers by reaching out to victims, rescue workers, and their families. He also saw the need for financial reassurance and bought 25,000 shares of GE stock on his own personal account. He remained confident that he could keep the constant growth going ...view middle of the document...

One was called Growth Engines and the other was called Cash Generators. Growth Engines accounted for 85% of earnings and had potential to grow annually. Cash Generators were not big on growth, but could consistently bring in cash flow.
The Growth Engines of the company are: Commercial Finance which offers financing options for businesses; Consumer Finance which provides credit services for individuals; Energy which provides solutions for types of gas, oil, renewable energy, and energy management; Healthcare which provides diagnostic and solutions to the healthcare industry; Infrastructure which offers high-tech solutions to industries; NBC which is one of the world’s fastest growing media companies; and Transportation which consists of Aircraft Engines and the Rail industry.
The Cash Generators of the company are: Advanced Materials which provides materials such as engineering thermoplastics, silicon based products, technology platforms, fused quartz, and ceramics to a wide range of industries; Consumer & Industrial which provide appliances, lighting products, integrated industrial equipment to over 100 countries; Equipment Services which provides leases, sales,...

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