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Gdp And Living Standard Essay

1795 words - 8 pages

Relationship of GNP and Living Standard
Phuong Le
SUNY Morrisville State College

Project 2- Part 2
Part I: Description of the data set:
I collected data from Journal of Statistics Education (JSE). Its original data set which is named “The Statistics of Poverty and Inequality” includes birth rates, death rates, infant death rates, life expectancies for males and females, and Gross National Product for 97 countries in the world divided into 6 groups (97 observations, 8 variables total.) However, I just took 6 variables: infant death rates, life expectancies for males and females, Gross National Product, country and country groups.
Variables Descriptions:
* Country: 30 ...view middle of the document...

33 |
Population Standard Deviation | 7942.98 |
Confidence Coefficient | 0.95 |
Level of Significance | 0.05 |
Margin of Error | 2842 |
Point Estimate | 5151.33 |
Lower Limit | 2309.03 |
Upper Limit | 7993.64 |

95% of the area under the curve falls within this interval (2309.03, 7993.64). This interval also contains the true parameter value.
2. Infant death per 1000 of population under 1 year old:
  | Infants death rates |   |
  | (per 1000 ) | Percentage |
Group 1 | 76.6 | 5% |
Group 2 | 151 | 9% |
Group 3 | 34.7 | 2% |
Group 4 | 478.7 | 28% |
Group 5 | 354.5 | 20% |
Group 6 | 614 | 36% |
Total | 1709.5 | 100% |

Infant deaths rates are an important factor to evaluate the standard living of a country. It shows the number of deaths of infants under one year old in a given year per 1,000 live births in the same year; included is the total death rate, and deaths by sex, male and female.
The infant death rates’ order is: Group 3< Group 1< Group 2< Group 5< Group 4< Group 6
The ratio of infant death rates: Group 6 = 1.3 times Group 4= 1.8 times Group 5= 4 times Group 2= 7.2 times Group 1= 18 times Group 3
The infant death rate of the group 3 is the smallest rate (2%) that means group 3 has the best standard living. Otherwise, the infant death rate of the group 6 is the biggest rate (36%) that means group 6 had the worst standard living.
Since wealthy countries (group 1, group 2, and group 3) have the means to invest in healthcare, sanitation, drugs etc., they have a lower IMR than developing or poor countries.
To understand clearly about the gaps among groups, we discuss the average infant death rates:
Groups | Infant death rates |
Mean | 56.98 |
Mean group 1 | 15.32 |
Mean group 2 | 30.2 |
Mean group 3 | 6.94 |
Mean group 4 | 95.74 |
Mean group 5 | 70.9 |
Mean group 6 | 122.8 |

The order is: Group 3< Group 1< Group 2< General Average < Group 5< Group 4< Group 6
Group 6 has the highest infant death rates. Group 3 has the lowest infant death rates. The gap is: 122.8- 6.94= 115.86. It is a very big gap.

95% Confidence Interval of infants death rate |
Sample Mean | 52.86 |
Standard Deviation | 52.53 |
Sample size | 30 |
Confidence Coefficient | 0.95 |
Level of Significance | 0.05 |
  |   |
Margin of Error | 17.31 |
Point Estimate | 52.86 |
Lower Limit | 35.55 |
Upper Limit | 70.17 |

95% of the area under the curve falls within this interval (35.55, 70.17) This interval also contains the true parameter value.
In short words, the low infant death rate is a good sign of development. The richer a country is, the less infant death rate it has.
3. Life expectancy at birth for males and females:
  | Life expectancy for males | Life expectancy for females |
1 | 67.3 | 75.22 |
2 | 66.2 | 72.62 |
3 | 72.08 | 79.22 |
4 | 57.3 | 59.08 |
5 | 60.9 | 62.3 |
6 | 45.48 | 48.64 |
Average | 61.54 | 66.18 |

* The...

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