Gc Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
According to the University of Phoenix scenario, Global Communications, a competitor in the telecommunications industry, finds itself facing the all-to-familiar problem: too much competition (University of Phoenix, 2010). The problem, magnified by additional symptoms such as diminishing returns and a lack of a competitive edge, prompted the company to aggressively address the problem with a strategy that caused additional turmoil. The current dysfunctional environment at Global Communications is associated with a lack of quality communication between the Senior Management Team and the other key stakeholders in this scenario. Several concepts played a ...view middle of the document...

The plan was to be kept quiet until receiving approval from the board. The problem with this was that by waiting for approval before discussing it further, the decision was made so quickly that it left out input from other key stakeholders. Though including these stakeholders in the planning process takes more time, allowing them to provide valuable input increases the likelihood of a quality, well thought out, decision. “Western decision makers are often in a rush to make quick decisions. They want to outpace competitors to be the first to market or meet their quarterly earnings targets. As with NYNEX, this emphasis on speed can sometimes lead to negative results. In contrast, a patient decision maker is reflective and considers both short- and long-term payoffs” (Hoch, Kunreuther, & Guenther, 2001, p.1).
Though the senior leadership team was successful in ensuring that the board would approve their plans, did not have a firm grasp of the full scope of their decision. They did not communicate adequately because they left out communications with two key stakeholder groups, the union and the employees. Both the employees and the company are competing for a limited resource: money. The employees want to work for the company and to receive compensation for that work. The company also desires to increase profits and revenues and must find ways to decrease the amount of money spent, including cutting labor costs. Both of these pieces, inadequate communication and competition for limited resources, are considered “antecedents of conflict” (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004, p.1). “Certain situations produce more conflict than others. By knowing the antecedents of conflict, managers are better able to anticipate it and take steps to resolve it if it becomes dysfunctional (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004, p.1).

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
Each stakeholder in this scenario approaches the situation at hand from a different perspective, which causes a variety of different dilemmas. First, the union and the employees, two of the largest stakeholders, were left out of the planning of this strategy. The Union exists to ensure quality treatment of its members. They work with the company to ensure the employees’ rights are being upheld. They make sure the employees are guaranteed fair compensation for their work. This includes fair wages, benefits, and education necessary for the job. The union desires to know about what decisions are being made that potentially affect the employees and their employment within the company. The union must also maintain the trust of its members. Next, the employees have a right to be gainfully employed. They have a right to be fairly compensated for all work that they do. The employees...

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